Wonderful Parkrun (not in a park) and what's that little word after my name?!!!!

Wonderful Parkrun (not in a park) and what's that little word after my name?!!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes! The last few weeks' runs have been challenging - and today's was no different but I have done it, I have graduated!!!

So, I ran the Hove Promenade Parkrun - which isn't a "park" run at all - in 39.37! Lovely overcast day but quite a strong breeze. I didn't manage to run the entire 5k but I did run almost all of it and I'm so glad I picked it as my graduation run! What an amazing event! The support from the marshals and other runners was incredible. So, to all you wonderful people who told me to go and run it, thank you - it was brilliant. I can't believe I have to wait another week to do it again! And, as Oldfloss requested, a picture just after I'd finished. Sorry for the squint!!!!!


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  • Yay!!! Well done, Rebecca. I couldn't be more pleased for you.

    What a great way to do it, graduate.


    Now to cut yourself some slack and just run for fun without stretching the envelope too much. A regular a weekly parkrun sounds like it might just do it for you.

    Go girl!!!!!

  • Thank you! My local one is very hilly - it will be a while before I tackle that one!!!

  • Brilliant, well run graduate.......lovely badge πŸŽ“πŸ…πŸŒŸπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Yessss! Pompoms waving for you, kiddo (Mfam sashays around her kitchen). Well done, and happy running, Miss Graduate.

  • Mfam sashays.. :) and I bumble around! :)

  • I have also been known to combine both after a couple of G&Ts as I sashumble back to the fridge.

  • welcome to parkrun addiction! its a great addiction though ;)

  • I'm addicted already - spent half the day looking at all the parkrun's within a 20 mile radius and working out which to do next!

  • Got three within a few miles of each other. Quite lucky. Still only tried one but plan on doing the others 😊

  • Well done graduate. Must be great to run by the sea.

  • Lovely place to run. Well done and hope you enjoy many more promenade runs.

  • Just absolutely blinking wonderful!!! You look pretty darned super!

    Massive congratulations and you just bask in the well deserved glory! Rest up.. ( after the Graduation Party obviously) and then some runs just for pure pleasure...just because you can :)

    Graduate!!!! x

  • Thank you so much Oldfloss, you have been an amazing support. As I approached the end of the first lap, for a moment, I considered just sneaking in, grabbing my bag and skulking off - then I thought about you and I plodded my way into the second lap!!!!! I'm so looking forward to those "just for fun" runs!!!!

  • xx

  • Well done Rebecca graduate!

  • Congratulations! Today's a good day to graduate!

  • Did you graduate too RuthMargaret? Congratulations!

  • Yes I did - despite aching calves this last week or so, it was my best run all week. I still can't quite believe the 9 weeks are over!

  • It's taken me a lot longer than 9 weeks!!!!!

  • That shows you have even more determination!

  • Congratumalations! And we'll done on your Park Run. Maybe try Hove Park next? The people there are very friendly and supportive as well.

  • Maddee_6333 do you run at Hove Park? The only thing that made me pick the Prom over the Park was that the Prom was flat!!!!!! Is Hove Park a good one?

  • I've only managed to do one run there, it is not totally flat like the prom, but the marshals were excellent (one even cheered me on by name having only met me briefly a few minutes before the start!)

    I'm planning on running there on the 29th with my grandsons (one at a time) in a buggy. So I will probably be the slowest person there that day. πŸ˜€

  • Oh! There's someone in here (wish I could remember who) that runs at Preston Park and says it's flatter than Hove Park - though again not as flat as the prom.

  • One of the GPs at work does Preston Park. He's super fast but he's such a lovely guy that I'd be worried he'd either opt to do a slow run with me OR hang around afterwards to congratulate me. At work I'm the composed, professional Practice Manager. After running I'm a red, sweaty overweight mess! He has been unbelievably supportive, encouraging me to run or just walk if I need to but I'm not sure I'm ready to let him see me in my running gear.

  • Yay, well done!! I was timekeeping at Hove Prom so I saw you as a blur of pink whizzing past me at the finish line 😎

  • A blur of pink whizzing past - I think not! Stumbling across with only a handful of people behind me more like!!!!!!! You guys are amazing roseabi - so many people have told me about the incredible spirit of Parkrun - and it was everything they said - and more!!!!! I will definitely do it again - and I would also love to volunteer too - you guys all kept me going! I WASN'T LAST!!!!!!

  • You certainly weren't last - well done again! It's fab isn't it :)

  • It's wonderful, just wonderful! I was awake so early this morning (nerves) - totally shattered now!

  • Well, you earned a chilled-out rest of Saturday I reckon :)

    Hove Park and Preston Park parkruns are well worth visiting too - both have slight uphill bits, but you are compensated with the following downhill bits :) Preston Park in particular has a very nice little downhill sprint to the finish!

  • My local parkrun (Haywards Heath) has a LOT of uphill. Not going to be rushing to do that one!

  • Think the one at Tilgate is flattish - we sometimes pass the Park Runners as we finish our Canicross runs in the cooler months.

  • I'm thinking about that one too!!!!! Really not sure I'm ready for Clair yet!

  • Just how hilly is Haywards Heath?

  • I'm not sure - I work in Haywards Heath so am going to check it out during the week.

  • Good idea. My daughter lives in Burgess Hill but works in Haywards Heath, so I'm up that way quite a bit.

  • Congratulations, well done you!

    Glad you enjoyed your first Parkrun and made your graduation run special.

    Good luck with your future Parkruns and happy running!

  • Fantastic....what a great way to graduate. You go girl! πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸΎπŸŽ‰

  • Whoop whoop ..just seen this RebeccaπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„

    So pleased you had such a memorable, fun graduation run. What a way to do it by the seaside too. Bet that was lovely.

    Congratulations and your badge looks super shiny..must be that sea air.😊xx

  • Thank you so much Jan!!!! The air was just lovely - no problems with my breathing today! Now I have to practice hills so that I can do my local Parkrun - an extra hour in bed!!!

  • Ha..that sounds like a good reason to start hill training.😊

  • Hi Rebecca, Brilliant You! So pleased that you went and did that today. I thought you'd find the marshals and other runners supportive. Enjoy your next one! I managed Lancaster today and similar support all round. Best Wishes,John

  • Brilliant! Well done you! I'm a couple of runs behind you. Due to finish this week. I'm considering a parkrun too. So many people here rave about them. Congratulations.

  • They're just brilliant - and the best thing is that you realise that there is always someone older/slower/more overweight. It's really boosted my confidence and I can't wait to do my next one!

  • I'm going on holiday next week so can't fit a park run in till I get back. I'll post when I've done one though to let you all know how I get on!

  • Your selfies are much better than mine! ;-) Congratulations - I'm one week behind you. Weather and time permitting my graduation run is going to be around my favourite location so far, Farmoor reservoir - again, not a park but by water!

    Also much thanks to the NHS for supporting this brilliant program!

  • I considered a reservoir run too - I think I'd actually prefer it to the sea run - more to look at BUT you can't run all the way round my local reservoir. Not sure why that bothers me but it does! As for selfies, it's a pretty hideous one but as it was so bright I couldn't see what it was like at the time. Plus I barely had the energy to hold my arms up after the 5k!

  • Very well done and many congratulations. I love my local Parkrun. I am still finding it tough after doing 8 of them so far, but I love Saturday mornings now. Congratulations again on your new PB and enjoy beating it in the future.

  • I think there is a tendency to run faster than normal. I definitely set off faster than I intended or realised otherwise I'd never have made it in 39.37. I was really struggling as a result and if I'd been running on my own I'd have stopped but the amazing marshals just kept me going - I fully intend to volunteer myself so I can try and encourage others the way they did for me. Afterwards a couple of marshals who knew it was my first run came to find me to talk to me. It was very special.

  • Many Congrats! What a fantastic way to end the programme - you must be feeling on top of the world and quite rightly so! Wishing you many lovely runs in the future, Graduate.

  • Well done and a decent time too. Hove is great too.

    Glad you enjoyed it

  • Well done πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Park run is my next goal - probably at Peacehaven just down the coast from Hove!

  • Is Peacehaven hilly? I get bored running the same runs all the time so Peacehaven is a possibility for me at some stage!

  • Hi Rebecca - it's a very flat area so was slightly surprised to see a slight incline mentioned (at the start) though reassured (and confused) that laps two and three are only downhill!!! I am hoping to go on Saturday and will try to report back. Details on parkrun.org.uk / Peacehaven (sorry wouldn't let me paste the link). All best, Gill

  • I just found this rather gorgeous list of parkrun elevations from flattest to lumpiest - check out Hove Prom at number 1!


  • That's amazing roseabi. I'm going to treasure that! Worthing, Weymouth and Bushy Park next then!

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