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Day 1 of C25K has started!!


Ok, and so it's begun! It was a rainy day in Perth ( Australia) today. I cycled to the local oval ( park) on my bike, 5 mins away.. And started the 60 seconds/ 90 seconds interval training in the rain! I got through it! Cycled home!

Do you do this every other day to give your self a chance to recoup or daily? Here's the pic of day 1

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Well done on taking the first step. You take a rest day (or two) between each session.

Lol thanks! Yes I figured I should:-) will have a swim day tomorrow. How's blighty? Summer now?

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Manboobmarc

Yes I think we are having our two days of summer lol.

It's hot but with a promise of rain in a few days. Though I am sure there will be many who will say it's not hot enough.

Mmmmmh possibly no where near the 105 degree days we get in summer here- but raining and cool is good for the start of this! Have you done the 5km run?


spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Manboobmarc

I don't tolerate heat or sun so i am looking forwards the promised rain. I've just completed week 8, not yet up to 5k but my goal is time rather than distance. But I am hoping to do a 5k run next Saturday.

Brilliant!! You must let me know how that goes;-) great forum. I can see its going to be very supportive- even 12,000miles away;-)


Hi MBM, welcome to the group. You will find loads of advice, support and inspiration here. Well done for getting started - often the most difficult bit!

Some essentials for success and avoiding injury

1) listen to Laura and do what she says - don't be tempted to rush at it and do more. The programme has worked for thousands of us.

2) If you struggle at any point, just repeat a day or a week. There is no time limit.

3) keep it slow and steady. Speed and distance will come later.

4) make sure you stretch well after each run ( see pinned post for a link)

5) good, well fitted running shoes are a must

6) enjoy!

We're just getting into summer in England, and as you will see from the posts, we're all moaning because it's hot! We Brits do love to complain whatever the weather does to us! :-)

Good luck with the programme and keep posting about your progress.

Cheers for that. I think Laura is the voice on the app????? Yes, I remember the summers well. Left 8 years ago. So e good advise there on slow and steady. :-)) am open to any advice available!

One question. Do others experience knee ache too?


Good start! Regarding knees depends on what type of pain.Some you can run through and some you can't...or should n't .ice and elevate should help.

I prob need to strap it up... Nothing excruciating. Weight bearing stuff. Will post on here as challenge progresses;-)


Well done on starting the programme MBM. Good to see there are some in Perth (albeit the aussie version) running. I doubt very much that their will be much running in the original Perth after Saint Johnstones win in the Scottish cup final yesterday :D

As has been said, take it nice and slowly and dont worry about distance at this stage. That will come in due course. Always take at least 1 rest day between runs. These are as important as the run itself.

The programme is great and is proven to work. And this forum is a fantastic place for encouragement and answers to queries from people who were at your stage recently or are running the programme with you.

Good luck and keep us all posted.

That's great advice! Cheers! Yes, it doesn't really matter where you live, you can do this programme anywhere. The c25km can transcend countries eh?

am thinking to run every other day and use the gym for a swim in between.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I feel like I've joined a movement. Very inspiring!


Welcome and well done on taking the first step on the c25k :) Looking forward to hearing about your journey.


Hi there MBM! You may well get funny little aches and niggles as your body adjusts to running. I had never run before February this year and am now doing 5k quite comfortably despite having to stop for a few weeks with a bad ankle injury. You'll get to know what aches to run through and what needs some TLC. Get good shoes and good rest and you'll be fine following the lovely Laura's advice. Keep coming back to let us know how it's going x

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