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Failed week 2 day 2 😞

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Urgh such a bad run it you can call it that. I suffer with allergies and asthma that comes with it and this morning my chest was bad, and started to feel sick half way through the run so thought I should stop. I'll just have another go tomorrow, but so frustrating

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You failed nothing, you had a practice run, nothing more than that. Don't beat yourself up over it, learn from it and move on, you only fail if you treat it as a failure, you haven't failed, you practiced W2R2, that's all, you'll ace it next time.

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Thanks! Just annoying πŸ˜‚

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Agreed must have a positive outlook. Put it down to practice and tomorrow is a new day.

You could still take a rest day as you ran half...there is no rush to get through the plan, take as long as you need to do it safely and having fun.😊

Thanks, my sister is running with me tomorrow and she great at motivating me


Not a fail we don't use the f word in here!! Take a days rest and try again on Tuesday..not tomorrow.


Not a 'f***' Just you, being sensible, listening to your body!

Make sure your meds and everything are handling your asthma and allergies, rest up, even take an extra day and then head out, as slowly as a snail on a go-slow :)

You will do this.:)


Please never use the 'f' word again... you, are doing brilliantly and we are right here beside you!

Never a fail you gave it a go even though you're not feeling well, So rest regroup and have another go. There's no time limit to this, if your bod is not right on the day, then try again another. Well done for sticking at it and being determined to have another go


Oooops...where's the soap??? You used the F word!!!! You haven't've had a practice at that particular run that's all...practice makes doesn't matter how many practices it takes to get it right either...because that just adds Kms & stamina to the time, try & take it slower..& find a comfortable'll crack it, you will

Thanks everyone xx


Nope - only one fail in this game.

Not doing the few yards that bring you out the door.

You were sensible. Body acting up so you stopped.

I wish I had last Tuesday - am laid up for god knows how long now because I "succeeded" and ran my usual 5K...

Your doing it right, no worries.

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Just keep trying. You will get there. You did not fail at all. πŸ˜‰

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