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Botheration. I've somehow put my back out. I dont know if it is because I ran on 2 consecutive days (husband's theory) or that I was too long working on the computer (my theory) but I am having to miss today's scheduled run, and I have been popping pills all week. The parkrun being on a Saturday has thrown my routine (usually sun, weds, fri) which is why I did sat/sun last w/e. I am very worried that I might miss the Saturday parkrun, but I really dont want the back sprain to become long term.I have decided to ease back on the pills today, try a short 10min jog on the treadmill on Thursday and stop pills altogether at that point. If I am OK on Friday, then I will try for parkrun on Saturday. AND I've gained weight, but I'm blaming the diclofenac.

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Really sorry to hear your news cupcake, take care and I hope your pain free very soon. Its not a good idea to run while taking pain killers, they will hide the pain and prevent you from realising your doing more damage. Try lying on the floor and stretching gently your full body from head to toe, if its from sitting at a computer for too long this one worked for me for over 10 years after a tiring day at the office. Take care.


Cupcake, try running on the spot if your back hurts, you wont be able to run. If its okay then yes the treadmill will be fine.

I understand your frustration with your injury, but you don't want to have any permanent damage. Its okay to rest and don't feel guilty.


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