My Selfie! with healthunlocked tshirt!!

My Selfie! with healthunlocked tshirt!!

Well how exciting! my shirt arrived in the post, its a bit more tight than my usual style( apart from running gear!- though it is a medium) but i'm assured it looks ok! I don't do Facebook so not sure if it will appear apart from here! But i will try and put the poster up in my docs if they have room( its quite a large poster!)

my last post for a few days as off to big wide world of mainland(from IOW!) . Did Parkrun last Sat, not a PB but not too bad considering the heat, my OH came 9th in 21.40! I was 88th!! but this week we are venturing to Ashton Court near Bristol, as i'm doing a glass bead making day on Friday. It sounds hilly( PARKRUN!) but sure will be good as long as we can find it! then off to devon on sat pm to watch old car racing on Sun(not my choice but sure it will be fine!! will take book and picnic just incase! going round Brands Hatch a few years back was scary in a zooped-up Singer Chamois (nickname fast car!) old car so watching will be fine!! then back sun night :)

Didn't make my Tuesday club as TOO DARNED HOT, but am venturing out early tomorrow i hope :)

AND............. have entered Supersonic 10k in October in Bournemouth to get me motivated!! its a week before my 44th Birthday so will MAKE my running beginners year! as long as i get round!! :)

See you all soon.......... :)


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19 Replies

  • Excellent post.

    Happy birthday in advance, well, well in advance. :-)

  • thanks MitBeds!!! have a savings pot from my 40th, one to have to smash to get to the money, thinking about cashing it in to fund the trip!! :)

  • I don't like myself in photos, but thought i'd be brave! my 1st selfie! took a while to get angle right-ish!! Saw yours, you look great in it. Haven't had much time to catch up with everyone recently :( The course is a treat to myself , always wanted to try bead making, we shall see if i can get the knack!! Yes he is fast, with hardly any practice too! Is a cyclist really! he beat my friends hubby for 1st time last week!! :) I'm holding out for M_y's selfie, reckon he'll be first!! :) hes a good sport........ :)

  • Aah thanks! yes amking the beads!! will report back just off now!! :)

  • that means making sorry am rushing!!

  • I used to make beaded jewellery yonks ago when I wasn't as short sighted as I am now. Millefiore beads are just gorgeous!

    You sound as if you're doing some major gadding about Ali. Have a great time. Lovely photo by the way

  • just off now will report back!!thanksyou speak soon!

  • Hey Ali, lovely photo and the tee shirt looks just fine. The art of the selfie is trickier than I expected but yours is really good. You sound like you're in for a really great weekend. Have fun :) Oh, and well done for entering the Supersonic 10k (is it as fast as the name suggests?) :)

  • thanks ! i won't be supersonic but should be fun! just off now Byeee!! :)

  • Oooh! Have fun on Friday, if you think running in the heat is a bit too much just wait until you're sat at the torch!!! Are you going to 'Liquid Glass' for the lampworking session, or to a 1 to 1 session with a lampworker (trying to think of who over that way teaches, Julie Fountain (Lush Lampwork) is sort of that way, Malvern, though someone will now come on and tell me Malvern is no where near Bristol, but when you're from South London (or even IOW) they're probably in about the same region).

    Enjoy your parkrun Saturday and the day with the old bangers!

    p.s. Just a quick heads up, the lampworking is just as addictive as this running lark.

    p.p.s Come join us on Frit Happens, all things glassy type forum.

  • thankyou i will check it out! its at warm glass in Bristol :) just off now.............

  • It really did look good on u aliboo, have a great w/e & c u next week.

  • thanks Sally will text you with how its going!! have fun at work :( xx

  • Hey, nice to see a picture of you :-)

    T shirt looks great and good luck with the Bournemouth 10K in Oct!

  • thanks will report back asap!!! :)

  • Hey Aliboo!! You look great!! Nice tshirt! Got mine today - in green!! Quite tight. Bristol is doing a Run or Dye 5k which looks fun! May see you there if over here!! Good luck on your 10k and have a great birthday!! I shall take a selfie too when I have had my roots done LOL :)

  • Thanks carole, have wifi here and a borrowed tablet that works so can catch up! Will need more traijing for the 10k but hope it will be good! Yes tshirts a tad tight! Just did my roots last week I'm get getting very grey! :( run or dye sounds fun! Have a good weekend!

  • Aha! There you are, Ali! :-) Nice to see you; you should like yourself in photos, as you're lovely. So ner. :-P

    Nice shirt too; they do look good. I'll see later if mine has arrived and if it has I'll get a pic posted.

    Sounds like you have a great weekend planned; the beadmaking sounds interesting and quite therapeutic. Hope you enjoy it, and the banger racing! And, of course, the Parkrun! It'll be good to try a new course!

    Have a great weekend and let us know how everything goes. Oh and of course you'll get around the 10K course, no problem at all!

    Happy weekend, always. :-)

  • Aah, you're lovely too! Its fun having virtual pals! Cheers up my day! Have borrowed tablet so can keep up after all! Did 5k this morning but hot even at 7am! Was knackered after! Looking forward to tomorrow. Waved fig off he looked a bit sad. My dog george this last week has developed a new singing voice when i chop their veggies its hilarious! Think it means please please please can I go get those piggies!

    Hope not to get too burnt with blowtorch or sun tomorrow!

    speak soon enjoy your weekend :)

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