Greeced lightening, naked running and new challenge on the horizon!

Greeced lightening, naked running and new challenge on the horizon!

Well, after the usual fantastic, positive advice on here - I took my obsession for running on holiday to the tiny island of Paxos. It's only 9km by 4km so I can truly say that, with my three early morning runs and some lovely walks I've seen most of it. I think the locals thought I was completely mad though :-D And despite all that I still managed to put 4 pounds on lol :-) :-) :-)

So back home to a few chilly but beautiful morning runs watching the sun rise, where I could feel my tan slipping off - and no more reasons to put off my next challenge. Parkrun.

And I realised that, since starting running earlier this year, I'd never, ever run without music blasting through my headphones. I admit that one of the most enjoyable aspects of running for me is listening interrupted to whatever I want, and I was a bit nervous about running without any music at all and decided not to leave it to parkrun to try it.

So this morning it was. Naked running.

I'm not as noisy as I thought I'd be e.g. Foot slapping, gasping for breath etc. And I think I did actually find my rhythm more quickly then I do when accompanied. But it certainly didn't improve my 5K time and I did miss the distraction at times when I was struggling.

So, no more excuses. This Saturday it is. Watch this large Sazzle shaped space! :-)


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  • Looks like you had a great holiday! I have gone without the music a few times, but miss it most of the time unless the scenery is really different and interesting or the run is fast and I am really focussing on other things (like at park run or other events).

  • Thank you. I did :-)

  • Glad you had a nice holiday and enjoyed your running.

    Other than when I'm doing the Speed podcast, I always run without music! I used it for the first couple of months but then stopped in the spring as I was enjoying the birds and the sunshine. I have started to wonder whether I'll start using it again as the duller weather draws in ........

    Really looking forward to hearing about your Parkrun experience - good luck ☺

  • I know what you mean go on, and I always walk a good couple of K after my run to cool down, and turn my music off then to listen to the world - the music just seems to help the running somehow. And now as the mornings are dark at the time I run, I'm sticking to street lit routes, so it's as much to drown out traffic noise as much as anything else.

    Hope you're well - thanks for the wishes......might need them!

  • I love Parkrun and I'm pretty sure you're going to too ☺

  • I sailed round thete this summer ! Too hot fie me to tun though

  • And you'd have to do a lot of circuits of a yacht to reach 5K lol

  • :) lol yes or it was a big yacht!

  • Hey Saz !!! Cor that looks gorgeous !! Glad you had a good time :-)

    Yes Good Luck with parkrun, you will ace it , it's good fun too ! :-) xxx

  • Awww thanks PP, how's you? Had a fab time, always good to be home though. Cakes to make ;-)

    Will enjoy Parkrun as long as I can stay upright - walked the course at weekend and not convinced I'll beat the cobbles :-s xxx

  • Hiya Sazz, I am good ,thanks , going to Zumba tonight, looking forward to shaking my tush all over the place , ha ha :-)

    Oh yes, looking forward to seeing the cakes again ! :-)

    You will be fine at parkrun, no worries :-) xxx

  • Ooooh Zumba - I love that, must find a class locally now I'm back home all the time. I'm rubbish at it though lol :-D

  • Hee Hee Me too but just throw in a few cha cha cha's , no one will notice :-) xxx

  • I'll guide her round Poppy, she's doing Watergrove ! How brave for her first one?

  • Now that IS brave !!!

    Make sure you have your 3 Shredded Wheat beforehand Sazzle !

    Look after her , Ian :-) xxx

  • I am a sometimes-music sometimes-not kind of runner! I just go with how I feel on the day. Just wanted to wish you luck with Parkrun. Its one of my goals too, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

  • Will let you know how I get on if I survive :-) taken me ages to pluck up courage!

  • That looks wonderful! I too have started running without music and I have to say that I have come to prefer it.

    Enjoy parkrun!

  • Lovely pic there but it does look hot so good for you for running. I need my music to keep me going as it really motivates me although I run faster without it! Enjoy Parkrun Sazzle.

  • It was about 14 degrees early morning IP. which with a nice breeze was really lovely. Straight into the pool on return was fabulous too. If only I could find those right lottery numbers...... :-)

    Hope you're well x

  • Goodness me: I got it wrong.

    Naked running I thought, surely they didn't do this?

    Ahhhh, you mean no music. Fair enough.

    Now I can crawl under the bed and hide

  • Me. Naked running? You know that theory about butterfly wings and earthquakes? Nuff said :-D

  • I'll see you there then

  • It's a definite! :-)

  • I know you walked it, so you know what to expect. It's a sod of a course, so I would suggest not to worry what time you do it in for your first outing. The hill parts are very hard going, run when you can and if you have to walk bits, you will not be the first, so good luck and enjoy yourself.

  • ooh that looks like a lovely place to run - but maybe a little hot unless you were up early

    I've always run 'naked' - without realising it! Not keen on headphones. There's always din in the gym but don't pay any attention to it.

    Enjoy your first parkrun, not done one myself but have volunteered to help this Saturday.

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