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wk7: The return...not good

So, I've been out for a few weeks between a bad cold/chest infection, related asthma flair ups and a couple of weeks of holidays where I still wasn't really well enough to run.

Back at it lastnight, I thought I'd try jumping back in where I left off at wk7. I lasted 10mins of the 25min run and had to walk the rest of it. Looks like I'm going to be dropping back a few weeks to get myself back up to speed. I was kind of expecting it though. What kind of caught me off guard was that my breathing was reasonably ok, it was my legs that were protesting, they just felt like lead (and actually still do this morning). I could probably have pushed on, but it didn't feel like a good idea at the time.

I'll get there, just need to ease myself back into it. I have a feeling I'm still not 100% from being sick so don't want to push too hard.


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Hope you feel better soon I know the feeling I'm 1 run from graduation & came down with a kidney infection last week :( hoping to get back out there next week sometime although my doc did say to take 2 weeks off :( it's strange that I miss it! 😆👍🏻


I'm more frustrated than anything, I was really doing well, I was feeling great and boom, sick. I did miss it, alot. I'm going to drop back a week for each week I've missed, looking at the intervals, it looks about right for what i actually managed to do lastnight.

Rebuild, come back stronger!


I'm sorry you've been unwell. Maybe you're not well enough yet? Why don't you try a week 6 run to get your legs back round to the idea? Then if it goes well (no reason it shouldn't) you can go back to week 7 and try again. Good luck!


Thanks. I'm feeling better but probably not 100% just yet. With that in mind, I'm going to go back to wk 5 and ease myself back in, like a recovery week and then see where I'm at then.


You did the right thing though. Only by trying can you find out how much of a step back you need to take, and far better to be a little ambitious than assuming the worst. The good news is it won't rake long before you're back where you were.


Thanks folks. I decided to roll back and do an easy wk4 just to get my body moving again and completed the first run well and at a decent pace. I managed to get to 4k in 32min. I'm pretty pleased with that considering the time out with sickness and the usual holiday food and drink overload. It takes a while to recover fully i guess.


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