20 continuous running minutes conquered

I did it, I've completed W5R3, and... here is my "high five" feeling?

Yes, I struggle with first and last 3 minutes. Yes, I was repeating "I want, I can and I will", and I did it. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I had a smile on my face when I was doing my cool-down walk.

Did I expect too much? I haven't had this amazing feeling like after previous run. And completing this run is the huge achievement for me! I couldn't imagine that I could run so long without a single walking break. Maybe I still don't believe that I actually did it?

Week 6? Bring it on! If I managed go through all those weeks including week 5, then another interval or continuous running is not going to stop me.


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12 Replies

  • Brilliant well done IgaT. You are right to be happy with what you have done. Graduation is creeping closer 😀👍🏼

  • Thanks. I am happy.

    I just think I will be more happy? With stronger feeling of achievement? As in the end I think this the the time to call myself a runner? 20 minutes of continuous running... I mean... Does it make me already a runner? I think so. I just do not feel it. Maybe it will come to me later ;)

  • Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves! But hey you ran 20 mins! Next week Laura calls you a runner - then you might start to feel REALLY happy😈

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done you, IgaT . Don't worry about the exact state of your feelings. I was overjoyed when I did that 20 minute run but that doesn't mean everyone will be similarly affected! Arguably it is just one run out of 27 in the program. The main thing is you're well on your way to graduation. :)

  • Thank you :) I think I am more happy that I went running at all :P and completed whatever Laura told me to do :)

  • Well done! If you are not sure about if you are thrilled or not, imagine telling the "you" that decided to do this, or the you who ran W1 R1, that you have run for 20 minutes non stop. THEN you'll feel smug. WhenI have doubts, I always think back to that day I was wrapped around a tree swearing at Laura - I may not be Mo Farah, but I've made progress since then. :)

  • I remember barley surviving 60 second run :) That's true. I made enormous progress during past weeks / months. Slowly, not really steady, but pushing forward :)

  • Well done IgaT, fantastic achievement.

  • Thank you :)

  • Aha! I was waiting for this post! Hooray, you did it :) Well done!

    You might not feel amazed because you were prepared for it, you had a plan, you went out and you did it. But in the end, it doesn't matter - you are one run further on in the programme. Keep going! :)

  • Thank you :)

    I am kind of amazed that I did it. After long night sleep, I feel like if you'd ask me to do it again, I'd say I can't, I'm not able to do it. But hell I did it, I sooo did it :) Impossible is nothing :D

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