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Fat boy is a runner! (W6r3)

Today was a great day. I'm away from home on business at the moment and was worried that my progress would stall; I packed my trainers, booked a hotel with a Gym and resolved to run even though I'm in an unfamiliar city centre.

So I ran for 25mins on a treadmill in a gym, and then as I was walking at the end Laura told me I can consider myself a runner.

I am surprised at the will power that the podcast has given me, the mere thought of running for 25 minutes when I was struggling for breath after W1R1 would have stopped me in my tracks. Actually changing my work habits to involve running in a part of my day is a big thing for me.

The Fat Boy is a runner, Laura said so.

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Happydev, I bet you are happy! How amazing is it that we are learning along the way to make this a lifelong habit? My husband (smhall) travels quite a bit and its now quite humorous to change his schedule depending on run days etc. YES! You are a runner! You should be very proud of yourself!!! You only need 5 more minutes to graduation! YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!!


Congratulations HappyDev, a runner eh? I read that with interest as I'm only just completed my second run of W1 and I am that breathless person that you described yourself as! You have given me hope....Keep running & enjoy!


Hello HappyDev, it feels great to be a runner doesn't it.


It aches to be a runner! But for 40 years I have done no exercise, and now here I am genuinely able to jog for 25 minutes.

I love being a runner.

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Well done HappyDev the runner ;) Its such a simple statement that Laura makes but by golly does it put a smile onto the faces of hundreds who have heard it spoken. Good luck for the rest of the programme.


Hey HappyDev well done, especially for being dedicated and running in unfamiliar surroundings. I too have been told I am now a 'runner' by Laura tonight and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face :-) great feeling isn't it?

Here's to the next 3 weeks and graduation :-)


That's just amazing HappyDev, a really great achievement. This fat bloke will, hopefully, be following your excellent example on Sunday but at home rather than away.


I'm a runner. . . just repeat that to yourself as often as possible and be really proud. Well done!


well done! And extra well done for taking your trainers on your trip, it would have been so easy to accidentally leave them behind (you may well have done that earlier in the course!)


So impressed! You give us all inspiration :-)


Well done HappyDev, you are indeed a runner!

I completed wk6r3 today and smiled to myself when Laura said I could now consider myself a runner. I also appreciated it when she said 5k is about 30 minutes so we are nearly there! Though at the speed I run it will be a while before I'm doing 5k, I will be glad to be able to run for 30 minutes.

Seriously, 30 minutes all at once. When I ran for that first 60 seconds, it all seemed almost impossible. Now I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And even better, I am really loving running!

Keep up the good work HappyDev. :)


oh WELL DONE! I did the same run today and I appreciate how committed you need to be to keep it going through trips away etc as I usually run with my family but have been away and going away again on Monday and have had to take running things and set off in unfamiliar countryside on my own to get the run done so I stick with my plan

We are runners! It must be true, because Laura said so! :)


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