W7R1 My favourite run. Ever!

So happy with my run today. Got into a nice rhythm and remembered to breathe properly all the way round. Felt really really happy all the way round. Had enough in me to go a bit faster for the last minute. Mapometer says 2.4 miles in 25 minutes. (Endomondo lost me again half way round) Running is fab! I never ever thought I'd hear myself say those words!

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  • I can feel the smile in that blog

    Well done you!

  • Well done, you sound like you're really enjoying it.

  • Fab!! I'm doing the same run tmrw & am hoping it goes as well as r3 of wk 6 & as well as yours has done! If I remember, you struggled with the last run of wk 6 & look at you now!!! I'm so pleased for you!

    You're my inspiration for tmrw!

    Happy running ??

  • Great job Pelephant!!!!!! 2.4 miles in 25 minutes? YOU ARE DOING FANTASTIC! My app said just under 2 miles/25 minutes for my run last night. Future graduate, here you come!!! :-)

  • Good for you!

    I did this run last night and had to drag myself round for the entire 25 minutes. My legs were like lead, my torso and arms were like dead weights; I found it ridiculously difficult. I finished it though, even if I suspect I might have walked it quicker! I don't know why as it's the same run as W6R3 which I found pretty easy going. Roll on R2 which will hopefully feel a little better :-)

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