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My first Park Run

Well, this morning I decided to tackle the park run. My husband came with me for moral support, to cheer me on.

How demoralising when everyone overtook me and I overtook no-one. I was convinced I was last by a long way and I was giving myself a right talking to on the way round about how I wasn't a runner at all etc etc.

I walked for the last "hill" but ran the rest and ran to the finish, where I was relieved to find there were a few behind me.

I did it in 38mins34seconds - came 149th out of 154 runners :0)

In the car on the way home, I decided that maybe it wasn't so bad. I really was a couch potato before Christmas and I wouldn't have managed to run one of those laps, let alone the 3 I ran today!

I've looked at some of your times on here and I know I've a long way to go, but hey - I can run (almost) for 5 k :-) :-)

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In five months you have gone from not running to running 5k, you have lost weight and this is your first try at a Park Run. Brillant - so no more self doubt. Not a wobble please. I would be amazed and delighted at that time, in fact I can feel myself going green as I type ...


i think you've done fab! well done for getting out there. we will all get faster over time but do have to start from somewhere (keep telling myself this when i beat myself up about being slow) i came 307 out of about 315 so was also at the back of the pack.

I think we all deserve a huge pat on the back for going..so patting your back for you!!! :)


Well Done braving your first Parkrun...hope that there are more to come. I warn you ...they are addictive. I've done 10 now. Worst was 53:30, best was 41:41 and for spectacular placing its hard to beat 922/922! Today I was 851st out of 858


Lol! That is one massive parkrun!

Well done on coming up the rankings though :)


Well done. You got off your butt and did 5k and that itself is a massive achievement! You also finished in excellent time :)

I finished my first Parkrun 117th out of 125 and today I came 93rd out of 98. We have more fun at the back, the front ones are all about speed! Today I told my fellow snail runners how I considered myself to be a back pacer as opposed to a very slow runner, that's 1 way of looking at it ;)


Well done! I also ran my first park run yesterday.

I know the feelings but Hey like me you finished!!! you didnt give up and you wasnt last. well done.


Well done! You show real determination and stamina and have come such a long way, you should be really proud of yourself :D


I was no couch potato as I regularly cycled 25 miles but haven't run for 25 yrs since school. I am also 6'1" tall so have long levers. I have used c25k to get me back into running and I am doing 5k in that time so I think u should be very proud. Keep going.


Well done! You should give yourself a big pat on the back!

I did my first one last week and came 206/220 in a similar time.

Second one to be done tomorrow.

When I tell people I do it laughingly but without exception, runners or not the are all very encouraging. After all how many people could actually run 5k? Not that many I suspect!


Hey that's brilliant, you are a minute and a bit more quicker than me :) and if it was without the hill you'd be quicker still so big grin for you :)


Great job!! Can't wait to hear about the Race for Life run :)


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