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Gutted - I was looking forward to W6R1 but have had to abandon in 2/3rds of the way through :o(

After completely surprising myself and completing W5 without any hiccups, including the dreaded 20 minute run, I was really up for getting started on W6 and have spent all day looking forward to getting into the gym after work.

However, I guess that two solid days of overseeing / pitching in with office moves probably wasn't the best recovery / preparation. I have literally spent the two days on my feet and walking up and down corridors carrying various pieces of kit etc.

Get in the gym tonight and one leg was feeling slightly uncomfortable, rightly or wrongly I tried to persevere and made it through to the end of the 8 minute interval but as I was getting nearer to the start of the final run it was getting harder and harder to even put weight on my leg so I had no option to give up.

I know I have done the right thing but am so disappointed as apart from a few stiff muscles I haven't really experienced any pain through the programme so far, but I guess it highlights the importance of us beginners (especially if like me they are overweight and unfit) having that day of rest inbetween. The fact that one of my colleagues who was also in there said 'I'm surprised to see you in here after what you've been up to today' was probably a bit of a clue that i hadn't prepared properly!!!!

So I guess the treatment plan is a hot bath, some ibuprofen and making sure I find myself a nice sitting down job to do tomorrow and try again on Thursday :o)

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Well, you gave it a go. And as you say, after a day's R & R (and I don't mean rock and roll!), just take it easy on the next run, but do keep going as much as possible.


i had the same problem with this one.. i was so gutted i couldn't do it so waited till the evening and went out again and did it.. i know this is wrong but i was so angry with myself.

I'm sure you'll do it-take your time and keep going.

Good Luck


Many of us found Week 6 run 1 to be SUCH a hard run, I think after the build up to the longer run in Week 5 run 3 we assume going back to intervals will be easier but I remember as if it were yesterday just how tired my legs were right from the beginning of that next run.

Please dont think of it in any way as a failure, you went to do the run despite having had a hectic couple of days which you could easily have used as an excuse to delay, and you did really well on tired legs!


Thanks everyone, it is just so frustrating. After Sunday I really felt that I had made progress and was so keyed up for today, and was tired but coping with the run up to the point where it started to hurt :o)

Still, considering how overweight and unfit I am then I'm surprised I have made it this far without a hiccup (well apart from being so unfit that I had to repeat W1).

Have taken some painkillers and it is feeling a bit easier now so I'm going to delegate everything for the next two days, get plenty of rest and give it another go on Thursday - I'm so keyed up now that I'm not going to let this put me off :o)


Week 6 was one of my roughest weeks. Try to get some rest and remember slow and steady wins the race. Looking forward to Thursdays report!


Hi everyone,

thank you so much for all your support, it has been great and guess what - went back to the gym tonight and completed W6R1 - woohoo :o)

Little bit of pain during the warm down walk but nothing I couldn't cope with and because of the way I schedule my runs I won't be running again until Sunday so have another couple of days rest before I have to step it up another gear.

Thanks again - you have all been amazing :o)


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