W6R1 done - 2/3 the way through the programme!

Excited to be starting week 6 this week - and around 2/3 the way through the programme :) I'm noticing that I am fitter, able to regulate my breathing better, run for longer, have a stronger core, and have lost around 2 kilos which is a bonus. Still running around 6 in the morning before work, but getting darker - might need to borrow my husband's headlamp. Happy running everybody!


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  • Well done, I totally agree with you, I completed my W6R1 yesterday and really was surprised about how much healthier I felt. I'm recovering quicker and not constantly praying for the running part to end.

    I'm an early morning runner too much it is starting to get lighter here in the morning so actually had something interesting to look at.

    Keep up the great work - here's to our W6R2 run.

  • Thanks - nice that we are at the same stage of the programme :) It depends on how I pace myself, and sometimes you have better days than others - I almost ran through one of my rest intervals this morning :)

  • Well done.

    I have also completed Week 6 Run 1 today. It's amazing how quick it's going, isn't it?

    I feel I'm also getting fitter, recovering much quicker and can run further for longer but definitely not losing any weight :-(

    Like you I also do my runs first thing. I like to go out and do them before breakfast as I'm type 1 diabetic so don't need to take any food and insulin in to the equation.

    All the best for the remainder of Week 6 and beyond.

  • Yes - I can't quite believe it! At the start, I was hoping to just get through one week at a time; was a bit nervous about the end weeks, but thought "oh, that's AGES away." But here we are :) Nice - doing them before breakfast is a good idea; I was a bit worried I wouldn't have the energy, but it seems to be fine :) and that way I don't really get a stitch or anything if I have food right before :)

  • Well done. I run one of my runs on Friday about 4 1/4 K to work at 6 in morning. Not keen on the dark but appreciate the peace and lack of traffic.

    Though luckily I have route through recreation grounds with even less traffic.

    Well done. Soon be a good habit that you can't give up. I feel great physically and mentally.

  • Nice - go you! :) Sounds good :) I tend to run before work, come home, shower and eat breakfast and then walk 3 K to the train station - so this morning I got in a bit over 8K total before 8:30 :) Glad that you are feeling great - the benefits are awesome, right? :)

  • Fantastic!


    "noticing that I am fitter" - I overlooked this for a while.


    It am definitely a lot fitter too and have little to no depression downtime. Mind you, your post reminds me to check my weight. Hope the needle can make up its mind this time.

  • Yup - got to focus on the little things. As well as being a bit fitter, I can see I look a bit more toned in particular places on my body; for me it's my lower back? Not sure if that is typical, but it seems to be a bit more firm and toned which is nice :) Trying not to get to fixated on weight (after all, muscle weighs more than fat, right?), but still nice to lose a little bit as well :) Here's to us getting even fitter - it's a journey, but we are doing great!

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