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Missed a!

Morning all

In my half asleep state this morning I set the iPod for week six run 2 instead of one. It wasn't until Laura told me I was half way through the first run that I thought either I was really feeling it this morning after a heavy weekend, or I'd put the wrong one on! Whilst both were probably true, I had indeed put on week 2!

Should I go back and do week 1 or repeat this again on Wednesday??!

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I'd stick to the programme. On week 5 run 3 I felt so good having done the 29mins that I ran through the 5 mins cool down too. In theory, I could have skipped to week 8. I haven't though. The shorter runs that followed helped to build confidence and stamina and reduce risk of injury. I haven't got a clue where running and fitness is concerned so I decided to trust in the plan which has been formulated by people who do!


I wouldn't worry too much about it, if you could complete it then that's the main thing! If I were you I'd do w6r2 again on Wednesday and then r3 the following time without doing r1. I doubt it will make a difference to your progress if you accidentally skip a podcast but do another twice to make up for it.

Whichever you decide, keep us updated of how it went!


Yes I agree! I would do this.. well done though!


Thanks....sorry I didn't man go back to week 1, just w6r1. I wouldn't dream of jumping forward! If anything was wondering if I should go back.

Thanks fogs88, think I'll do that!


Yes agreed, I would just carry on, after all you did it didn't you?! :)


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