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Week 6 run 1 done only to be hit with mastitis!!

Ok so I completed week 5 run 3 on Thursday after having sleepless nights all week, and felt so good I carried on to 25 mins, was so chuffed and energised. Didn't hurt at all on Friday which was fantastic as I'd had sore shins the first couple of weeks, woke up on Saturday feeling a bit achy but decided to get on with it and do the dreaded week 6 run 1, mentally I felt great, physically I felt like I'd been hit by a bus, my knees hurt.. Fair enough I thought take a couple of rest days, but my breast ached, elbows, knuckles you name it it ached, then fever and chills kicked in and the rest of the weekend was wiped out! Still so sore and fluey, and waiting for antibiotics to work.. And gutted that I am not likely to fit another run in till next Sunday due to childcare.... Grrrr. Anyway rant over!!

Has anyone else suffered this while running? My little lady is 9 months and feeding lots!

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Ah, poor you, what a thing to happen! I'm fortunate not to have had mastitis but know it's very painful and makes your feel really poorly. Think you should rest and let the antibiotics work and your body recover. I am full of admiration for you managing to do C25k while tending to and feeding a baby! You must have fantastic willpower!

Hope you soon feel lots better and can resume your runs.


...and duh! I forgot to say well done for your spectacular W5R3!


Well done on your W5R3. Mastitis is horrid and really takes it out of you. Rest until you feel right again. The running is unlikley to have had anything to do with the mastitis, but do make sure you've got a good supportive sports bra as rubbing and jiggling can start things off, or make it worse. Hats off to you to be doing this programme with such a little one. My youngest is 2.5yrs and I could not imagine doing this programme any earlier.


You have my total total sympathy. I had it when my daughter was a couple of weeks old. Though it was horrible, I got to it early and thankfully got rid of it reasonably quickly. Here's hoping yours will do the same and you'll be back running soon. Do let us know how you are. all the best. XX


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