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W4R3 Oh yes siree!

If you had asked me at the beginning of this week whether I would be able to get these 3 runs under my belt, I would have laughed at you. But here I am :)

I had a broken sleep because I had this run on my mind, lol. So I woke up at 4.30 and thought; 'Go for it'. Out I go, with Laura safely installed on my new MP3 player (kids showed me how to actually get tracks on it) , new running socks, exercise bra and new trackies on!

I just love getting out early, it's a different world isn't it? Overcast, couple of spots of rain and gloriously cool.

Everybody else still sleeping, curtains closed..like a scene from Under Milkwood:

'The houses are blind as moles (though moles see fine to-night in the snouting, velvet dingles) or blind as Captain Cat there in the muffled middle by the pump and the town clock, the shops in mourning, the Welfare Hall in widows' weeds. And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now.'

Anyway, cut a long story short...I did it! The secret? SLOW IT DOWN. The previous 2 runs I ran a bit fast and got so out of breath it was awful. Slowly slowly . If you can go slower then you're running too fast. I read that somewhere and it's going to be my new mantra. I want to get these legs used to the actual physical action of running, never mind speed at this point.

There were actually a few moments during this run when I forgot about how long I had left to run. I paid attention to where I was, and oh, I like that flower bed in that garden etc. Ok, only a few seconds at a time, but that is progress. And coming up to the end of the last run I passed a woman runner I have seen around for YEARS and she smiled at me :) And she wasn't going hell for leather either, just a nice jog.

I guess the thing I feel about this final run of week 4 is that I was in control. Nice feeling :D

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It sounds like you're making real progress on several levels ! It's amazing how quickly you can start to see a difference by following this programme, and really encouraging too, Best of luck with W5 and hope you enjoy it. BTW Love Under MilkWood too ....


Thankyou henpen90! I'm nervous about week 5 but I really do have faith that I will do it if I keep it slow x


A lovely post, sounds like you are becoming hooked! Enjoy your running x :-)

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You've got it. You are in control. That is the secret and the strength of this programme. I am not quite sure about "If you can go slower then you're running too fast." I believe that you should run at the fastest pace that you can sustain, but if that happens to be very slow, then so be it.

Congratulations on the run and your committed addiction.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well at the moment my speed is very slow, but I'm happy with that, lol. It meant I could finish the final run without getting out of breath :)


Wise words! Slow is the new fast!


Slow is the new fast! Tee hee. I bet those of us still running long after Graduation are the slow plodders. We get there! I do a slow shuffle too but it's ok cos the man himself, Jeff Galloway (not God!) says it's good to do so. We can also walk too, it's all good. I love running round the local area, it's sightseeing! You see far more than you did before as you have the time to explore. I think if you are curious by nature then jogging is made much more fun. I run up and down streets I've never been down, lanes never explored etc etc to keep things fresh. I don't think I run the same run twice if I can help it

So, well done Teabreaks! Take your time, enjoy those runs and look forward to the next one. The weeks pass surprisingly quickly and in no time you will be at Graduation. Take it slow and you will will get there with no dramas


Googling Jeff Galloway now....


Love your under milkwood post, may inspire me to get myself up and out early (I say may). I'm at the same stage as you just completed wk4 waiting to do my first wk5 run but may pass today as so hot. Am fearful of this week but then I have felt this fear each week, and then feel amazing when I've completed the run. Great to read everyone's stories on here, very inspirational, fantastic forum!


It's lovely when you hear from someone who's at the same stage as yourself isn't it? I have told myself that I won't run again till Sunday, which was originally the start of my week. But already thinking I may do it saturday, lol.

That's why I like going out early as well, it's lovely and cool :D

It's so nice getting out early, completely different 'vibe'. I can run around the streets and town and there's nobody about really. If I left it later I couldn't run there, I'd have to go up towards the river. But I like being close to civilisation when it's so early.

let us know how you get on!


My husband is currently on early shifts so although he often wakes me up very early (3.30am) I can't run early this week as have little ones.

May have a go when his shift pattern changes...only nerves stopping me then!

I've read a couple of your posts as your about the same stage as me, will keep any eye out for you!

Happy Running! Will let you know how my next run goes.


Damn I didn't think about the kids. Mine are all grown up now so I can just fall out the front door, lol. Yes it's difficult trying to fit runs in then isn't it?


I'm very lucky my hubby runs anyway so now he goes for first run then I go after, so someone always with kids. Seems to work well at the moment....could kick myself for not trying this programme sooner, I've given myself such angst about being unfit and overweight. The running is easier to deal with than the angst and that's saying something!


Yep. I wish I hadn't waited till I was 54 before starting to do something about my fitness. But there you go, too late to worry about that now, lol.


Absolutely! Carpe Diem!


I just finished W4R3 - really thought I was going to struggle with this but it was ok today (apart from terrible pins and needles in my feet when I did my warm down walk). Bit scared about week 5. I completed C25K about 3 years ago but didn't continue with running afterwards, so I'm determined this time to graduate and then keep running. I'm really enjoying the running, and it's helpful to remember how I felt last time when I got to running for 30 minutes. I will get there again!!!


Exactly. S...L...O....W..... it down. Works for me. And no aching knees and calves. well done


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