Ten mile endurance run and a PB!

Weather dry, bright, 16c, 85% humidity. Time of run, quarter to five in the afternoon. Total food intake: Brunch = 1 x veggie sausage (3 sausages) sarnie, two cups of tea at about 11am. Water and other calorie free soft drinks during the afternoon.

One Revive sports drink at about 4.30pm = 50 calories.

Kit = quickdry vest; sports bra (OF COURSE!) capris; padded socks; Brooks Adrenaline running shoes. Sony Walkman with a long running playlist read to rock n roll. Garmin 110 Forerunner strapped on, and ten miles of road to cover. I have been prevaricating for half an hour, "Hello chooks, we're back from doing the shopping, how are you all? I think I need to drink more water before I go out. Oh, these laces don't feel like they're done up properly, and hmmm, I'm still dry, I think I'll just have a bit more water..."

Just setting the scene you understand.

Several different routes spring to mind; I pretty much know where the half way mark of five miles will take me to; and I can extend that if I have to around a another couple of housing estate loops; why don't I go down (down hill is GOOD as long as it's not TOO STEEP, when my poor abused knees will let me know about it, but not till later you understand; and certainly they will the following morning, when I am at work and all my workmates will roll their eyes and tell me that they thought this RUNNING BUSINESS is supposed to BE GOOD FOR YOU!) to the waterside and do a few loops on gravel and muddy track; thinking I can just build in more and more loops; hmmm, but I am quite a boring runner and at least my usual route holds no surprises and builds in a few inclines which I like to include just for the challenge.

Ok, the usual loop wins, and yes, I do add another best part of a mile all around the houses. I am keeping an eye on pace throughout. Since my 200 bpm HIIT pyramid run on Friday when I spent most of the workout COUNTING 1, 2, 3, 4, at various speeds, I have sort of got my head around the 180 count speed which is near the beginning and the end of that workout. I understand that I CAN'T possibly maintain ten miles at 190-200bpm; that is just STUPID and will probably cause me to have a HEART ATTACK but I can keep bringing myself back to that 180bpm count whenever I feel that I am slacking off.

On March 11 this year I ran ten miles ahead of the Saltash Half Marathon. That ten miles ended in two weeks when I couldn't run, because I ran eight of that ten miles on a twinging ankle which I shouldn't have ignored and I certainly paid for it in having to take injury time off afterwards. LET THIS BE A LESSON, never ignore real pain!

What I was going to say is that my time for that ten miles was 1:41:23 at an average speed of 5.9mph.

Today I did the same distance (and with no injury at the end of it except slightly protesting knees!) and I did it in 1:36:08, average speed of 6.2mph, knocking five minutes off that previous time. Could I have gone further? Honestly I'm not sure. I did try quite hard in the last couple of miles to keep up the pace - if I'd have had 3.1 more miles to do (in total half marathon distance like I did in May) I think I could probably have done it, but I don't think the pace would have been maintained.


I think I'm quite happy about that!

Usually Monday is gym day, using lots of aerobic machines, but no treadmill. This week it has to wait till Tuesday as I have a family event (son's graduation ceremony on Plymouth Hoe).

Wed I will run; not sure whether to go back to a quick HIIT or give myself a break and just do four - five miles easy.

Now where is that event diary? Time I put this training to some use!



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13 Replies

  • Wow! Amazing!

  • Wow, that is incredible! In my dreams....!

  • Thats a great 10m time Carol, I would guess in a race you would five+ minutes ahead of that even.

    I like 10 miles as a distance, it feels "proper far" and gives me a warm glow of smugness :-D It also a good lump of "me time" and far enough I can get in a whole mish mash of running surfaces if I want.

  • WOW, thats amazing Carole. I can't imagine running for that long at the minute when 40 minutes about has me keeling over!! :D

  • Amazing, Carole! I can't wait to be fit enough to get out on these super long runs.

  • Well done CaroleC thats a very fast 10 miles, congratulations. Good news that your knees are none the worse for it too. Nice blog, just wished you had run further your blog would have been longer then too. ;)

  • Wow well done you! A very impressive time!! :)

  • Great run, Carole! You're on pace for a sub-4 hour marathon....Loch Ness, anyone?

  • Loch Ness Gramma! Next year?? Maybe the year after lol. It's all about pacing myself (and you!)


  • lol...I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy....2014 suits ME!

  • What a star! Well done Carole, what a wonderful run!

  • O my sweet Lord, that is SO impressive, I take my (Ronhill running) hat off to you lady!

  • Amazing read and amazing run! Well done Carole

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