Unbelievable just completed a 10k run!!!

I can't believe it that I have just been out this morning and ran 6.3 miles just over 10k non stop. I definitely won't break any speed records and the last half a mile was more of a fast crawl than a run. From doing virtually no exercise 3 months ago to this and now weighing 2.5 stone less I am amazed and planning to keep going until I am fit enough to do a half marathon.


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11 Replies

  • That is amazing, well done, just goes to show what is possible as a result of C25K :-)

  • Fantastic, well done. You'll need a sit down now :-D

  • Really impressive, you must feel so proud of yourself for achieving that distance.

  • wow that's brilliant - well done!

  • Well done, that's great!

    I hope I can achieve 10k eventually, although I've no desire to commit to marathon distances!

  • Fantastic, great job!

    If you don't mind me asking, did you use the BK10K podcasts to get to 10k? How did you find them?

  • Hi, no I didn't just put lots of tunes on my phone to keep me going. I didn't know there was a 10k podcast but if its Laura I might give it a go as I do miss her!!!

    I now do 2 x 3.5 mile runs a week and then one longer run on a Saturday or Sunday, I have just aimed to go a bit further each weekend and haven't beaten my self up if I didn't do much more or one week after a few wines the night before I couldn't bear the thought of anything over 3.5 miles so stuck with that. Anything is a bonus as far as I'm concerned after doing literally no exercise for years!!!. The 10k was a killer today so I am going to stick at this distance for a few weeks and try and increase my two 3.5 mile runs to 4 miles.

    Hope your runs are going well.


  • Well done !

  • Well done! I am aiming for 10k but based on today's experience it won't be any time soon!

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Well done that is just so inspiring. I had hoped to run a 10k in June but never got round to it !!!!- started this program now on wk3r1 and feel so good for making a start at something I so want to do!!! Our local community has a 10k turkey trot at Christmas so I'm hoping I will be able to do that so get so excited when I read blogs from no running to 10k in 3 months there might be hope for me too!!!!

  • There definitely is hope for all if I can do this,(although I don't tell anyone my weight as this is a secret never shared with anyone but my daughters!) as I was more than 6 stone overweight when I started and had a BMI of 37 (obese) although still classed as obese I have lost 2.5 stone and now have a BMI of 32 so heading in the right direction. Most people I know are shocked and don't believe me when I say I have done any running as they know what a couch potato I was, but I am just so pleased with my self and am even thinking (only thinking at this stage) of doing a half marathon next year. So good luck with your turkey trot and I look forward to hearing how you get on. Regards.....Val

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