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First event - Brackley 10K Chicken Run

Today was the day for my first ever race. An event in my home town known as the Brackley 10K Chicken Run.

Having seen previous years results I knew that my likely finish time would put me towards the back of the field.

I bumped into an old work colleague before the start so we lined up together.

At the start everybody shot off, myself included, despite trying not to I got caught up in it all.

Before the 1km marker I had dropped to a more comfortable pace and dropped to the back of the pack.

Where I stayed for the next 8.5km! There were a group of 3 ladies 50m or so in front of me all the way. I think they were doing the old "let's stay in front of him then we won't be last", as whenever they stopped to walk, as I got closer they would look behind, see me, and speed up again.

That made me determined not to be last.

With about 500 metres to go I passed one of them. Then I caught the other 2 just as we reached the final turn to the finish.

I kicked in the old parkrun sprint finish and, with the commentator saying something about chivalry being dead, flew past them and finished in a time of 1:16:49.

Coincidentally the same time as I ran for my first ever 10K a couple of weeks ago!

At the end I received a T-shirt, only size medium was left - it'll never fit me! And was greeted by the sight of my 2 boys running across the park to me.

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It's a race. That means overtaking!! I would be cheering you on!! Well done and what a lovely finish seeing your sons!!


Fantastic, Peter - I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it!


What a great read! Fantastic first race of many I hope!


All's fair in love and sprint finishes. Well done m'dear, you did brilliantly :)


Brilliant ! Well done Peter, oh that bit about your boys at the end is so lovely xxx

Congratulations to you :-) xxx


Oh, got to love a bit of competitive spirit. In situations like this it's every man for himself, and well done for the strategic pacing and overtaking!


Thanks all.

Really felt rough after the race yesterday, but think that's because I'd felt the start of a cold coming on Saturday and it started to kick in once the adrenalin had worn off.

That and my thighs and glutes were a bit sore after all the uphill running.

Forgot to post a Garmin Connect link yesterday :- connect.garmin.com/modern/a...


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