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Week 7 Run 1 Complete!

Breathing makes all the difference! I did W7R1 and it felt good. After stopping W6R3 at 23 min I was a bit worried. Went out early and just got in a rhythm and it worked! 25 minutes, and I even sped up at the end.

I need to practice breathing deeply - definitely can't breathe in through my nose, but getting in some deep breaths is really important.

The other thing that helped was thinking about all of the people in this community - reading your stories and encouraging words really helps to win the mental battle. Thank you!

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Fantastic, great achievement! You're nearly there!!!

I'm coming to tge end of wk6, no more walking. Am struggling a bit with breathing and will need to work on it for my longer runs.

It's exciting isn't it? If you're anything like me, who couldn't run for 30 seconds a few weeks back, youll be amazed and so happy you tried this plan?

Happy running!


Thanks nickinocki! It really is exciting and very hard to believe. I really feel like this plan has saved my life by getting me into shape.

Congrats to you too! and good luck with the rest!


Well done, sounds like you're doing great and I agree getting the breathing right makes all the difference. I can't do the in through nose out through mouth thing, mines more in through nose and mouth and out again through mouth, for me slow and steady is the key.


people here confirming everything about the breathing technique, get this right and i think you are half way there, they penny dropped for me wk 6 run 2, seems to make all the difference


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