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Week 7 Run 1


Delighted I’ve come this far and I’m about to do W7R1 tomorrow night. I’m still feeling real fear and trepidation for about the first 10 mins as I really struggle to get into the swing of it. My breathing is all over the place plus my legs feel as though they’re so heavy and I’m so close to just giving up but I haven’t (yet!). Does this feeling ever ease up? Will it become less of an effort the longer I do it? It’s getting me down a little 🙁

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Hi AllyS I've just done this one last night....I always feel like it's gonna be too hard during the first 'toxic ten' but....I've managed to complete each one, I too wonder if it gets easier over time....so I guess I don't know the answer to your question. But, I can definitely tell you you're not alone!!😃

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Thanks Sonia. It’d make those first ten mins so much easier to think that the difficulty in getting through them becomes easier over time 🤞🏻


Oh AllyS, I really know what you mean. I struggle with the first bit every time, legs , breath and General discomforts. And the voice in my head is going on and on to stop.

I failed to finish C25K a year or so ago , I think because I didn't find a way of dealing with the toxic bit. This forum has helped hugely so I am currently working thru week 8( thank you everyone of you that has posted along the way).

So the tips that make a difference for me is firstly to go slower than paint drying esp initially. I prefer a route that is either properly flat or a slight down in the first few mins ( helps me find a rhythm) and the biggie, drink even more water the day before. I actually think it's the water thing that I didn't get right before.

Other than that, I now notice the mental chatter and acknowledge it as just that.

Lots of people have good music and pod cast suggestions to distract. I personally hate having headphones on so I just bimble along endeavouring to enjoy the trail. My reward is feeling smug afterwards and I feel so much better in general that I remind myself it's worth the push.

The irony is that I found your post whilst procrastinating before my run because I'm not feeling it's going to flow today ....🤣

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Thank you WynB for your advice. I think it’s definitely a case of mind over matter. Good luck with your run this morning 👍🏻😉


I always thought this toxic ten was a ‘new runner’ thing but following some experienced runners (marathon runners) on instagram I’ve learnt that they feel it too. I guess the key is to remember that it’s short lived and you’ll get through it. Good luck, you got this !

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Thank you Caroline. Hopefully it becomes easier to beat those pesky, toxic, self doubt instilling gremlins off as time passes 🤞🏻

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