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Wk6 Run1

Pheeew! That went fine and seemed to be over and done with far too quickly. Planning my next run now. I noticed today that I don't have to concentrate on my breathing as much now, although I am sure I'll be concentrating on it again much more when the long runs start. I downloaded the Runkeeper App onto my mobile but haven't yet used it. I got a message today from it saying they had noticed I hadn't planned a run for some amused me. Looks like when I do start to use it I'll have my own little reminder when I'm being lazy ;-)

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Wow week6! I've just started...week2.....finding it quite tough BUT I really look forward to my run P.E. teacher would have fell down in shock :-)


I used to like athletics but only the short sprints, as i got older i tended to skip all the P.E. I couldn't even run for 60 seconds before I started this programme. It's great isn't it. keep running!!!


I use Runkeeper, and I love it. I also now, after struggling a great deal with my breathing, only think about it when I'm exhaling noisily and need to take control over it.


Delores, did you practice anything specifically to improve your breathing?


I tried counting, but it didn't work for me. Yesterday, after reading your post I tried to notice how long my breathes were at the start of my run, and I found it hard to count, but I'd say that they were shorter than the 4/3 that I think Laura recommended early on in C25K (maybe that was W2).

[This bit only applies to asthma] - I upped my becotide dose (I don't bother with a reliever before I run unless i've been coughing).

I breath in through my nose and out through my mouth, and I try to slow it very slightly. I breath in through my mouth when I need more air. As I've become fitter I start mouth breathing later.

Later into my runs I noticed that I was exhaling noisily and heavily; again that used to start earlier. I've made a conscious effort to stop that, and as soon as I notice it I make the effort to force my breathe out slightly, but quietly through my mouth.

Much of the control has come with improved fitness, and accepting that exercise is meant to make us breathless.


I tried this today but was hopeless. I'm just not able to keep up the breathing in through my nose and start looking like a gasping fish. I concentrated on getting my abdomen to work harder re pulling in on expiration and pushing out on inspiration but can't keep it going. I'll keep trying!


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