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definitely pushed too hard on run1

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I did the first run on Tuesday. My legs hurt quite a bit after and yesterday was the first day all week I could walk without suffering so I put my shoes on and went for run 2. This time, very conciouse of the pain I had all week, I took it much slower. I used a heart rate monitor and my heart rate was still about 175 while running but I don't ache half as much today as I have this week. I'll be redoing week one next week as I've only managed to do 2 runs this week.

7 Replies
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Great job. I went way too fast on run one too, that run almost killed me I swear! But... we’re still here, and we learned. Well done taking it slower... running isn’t all smooth runs, sometimes it sucks, and if you can see what you can change to make it better, that’s a good skill to have. Keep moving daily, rest days are for cross training and moving about, just not running or sitting all day. You can do this.

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Don’t think about pace until after you’ve graduated! Just slow down and get through it first 👌🏽

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Well done.

As the guide says you don't have to match C25K weeks with calendar weeks.

As for repeating, it is only necessary to repeat a single day's run if you did not complete, not the whole week.......... unless of course you want are in control.

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Sofa-spud in reply to IannodaTruffe

That's a good point. I could probably finish week one tomorrow and still get my three runs and relevant breaks in for week 2.

I'd like to keep it as close to the calender week so I can get into a rythem. My main problem is I'm a pro at thinking of excuses to not do something if I don't have a day and time for it. 😂

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I'm on week 4. Never run before but remembered some stretches from an exercise class I did in the 80s and do them after my shuffle. So far no muscle aches. Worth a try 😉

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to SpanishShuffle

There are recommended stretches linked to in the guide to the plan

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Take the advice from IannodaTruffe and if you have completed the runs don't repeat...just move on gently! Well done!

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