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Broken toe

So... since I graduated I haven't really been doing a structured programme, or even tried the new podcasts yet. I did still run and then after being lazy for 2 weeks started again this week and had 3 runs.

However last night at home I tripped and whacked my foot on a table and now have a very painful baby toe which is purple! I suspect it's broken but from advice I've seen they tell you to deal with it at home.

I really don't think I'm going to be able to run for a while which is so annoying when I was getting into it again and particularly as I have a 5k event on 6 October.

Anyone else had experience of broken toes and how long it takes to get back to normal?


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OUCH! many years ago I caught my little toe in the hair dryer flex and went flying, foot went black and blue and little toe can now be bent out at right angles to my foot. Hope you recover quickly. I managed to fall over walking the dog last night and took most of the fall on my right hand bending back my little finger, so swollen hand and have delegated cooking duties tonight, but it hasn't stopped me running fortunately.


Equally ouch! I'm so conscious of the toe now, I was going round doing my shopping and worrying people would run me over with their trollies!


Ouch!!!! Hooey ou are back to running soon


Thanks. From what I have read, people say it takes a few weeks to heal so I doubt I will be running much. Might have to walk the 5k event seeing as I'm registered already!


Poor you, what an annoying and painful thing to happen :( Hope it heals quickly.


Thanks! I blame the was his stuff I was tidying away when I tripped!! Now I understand what David Haye was on about when he blamed a broken toe for a poor fight. It does kill!


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