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W5R1 with a sore toe


So I was silly last week. I let the nice weather go to my head and I wore a new pair of desert boots to work. They are unlined and catch your socks when you put them on. I think this is why my left second toe (which sticks forward a fraction more than my big toe) has been really swollen and sore the past couple of days. Not too sore to walk but sore enough you notice every step. I went to bed hoping I would wake up pain free but it was worse. What to do?

Advice on here was strap it. I have one small plaster or sellotape. I decided my trainers would hold my feet well enough not to worry. Ibuprofen and paracetamol taken more for after the run than anything.

Out for the warm up walk, ouch, ouch, ouch. I’m never going to run like this. Jo Wiley says run. I say let’s see.

W5R1 is three 5 minute runs with 3 minute rests. More running than I can remember.

Part way through the first minute and my lungs are like wheezy old bellows. A night’s worth of dust and cobwebs seem to be rattling around in there. I get to half way and think I can’t possible do 5 minutes. Then there’s a minute left and I’m ****** if I’m going to give up.

Reach the end thinking my lungs will explode and revert to a walk. Ouch, ouch, ouch - walking hurts whilst running doesn’t!

Second run was better than the first - my breathing was back to normal and I relaxed. Third run was the best of the three. I went into that slightly Zen trance state of just putting each foot in front of the other and moving forward whilst focussing on the music.

Home and the toe is no more sore than it was and the drugs actually are working (see earlier post). Now the luxury of a really hot bath and knowing I have a whole day to be smug.

Good luck with your next run whenever it is and keep going x

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Well done for getting out there... but..( and there is always a, but ) It was me who suggested buddying the toe up... ( with plasters not with sellotape:) If you had to take painkillers.. running was not a great idea.

After the run maybe, but running through pain or disguising pain is not a plan...so, get that toe better... then buy some more plasters and buddy it up to your next toe :)

Brave soul though and you did the run... :)


I wouldn’t say I needed the pain killers to do the run. But I was aware there was a risk my toe would hurt more afterwards. It is actually no worse - the walking is what hurt, weirdly.

I will get a roll of elastoplast tape ahead of Tuesday/Wednesday in case I need it. Hopefully my toe will have calmed down by then.


Love your determination! Enjoy your hot bath and Sunday smugness :) well deserved!


Well done Jay. Look after that toe don't want my cyber running buddy on the IC. After today's run not feeling such trepidation for w5 but Tuesday it could all turn to custard so will wait and see. Take care and enjoy the smugness.

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Lorijay

I think I can see doing R2 okay as long as I don’t start too fast. But R3? 😱


We will do it and when it arrives we'll be ready. Look at where we are and where we were, massive progress from W1. :)

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Lorijay

You are right.

(In fact anyone could say anything at the moment and I would agree!)


That's good hold that mind set for r3 so when your coach says you can do it you'll agree :)


Well done for keeping going with your sore toe, I am sure I would have given up ..but be careful, you need to look after your toe , its been with you a long time lol

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Jullaly

It’s ok. I have others! 🤣


Well done on getting through it! But make sure you look after your self too. I did week5 run 1 after two glasses of prosecco at lunch yesterday....same effect as ibuprofen I think. Good luck with run 2! 👍👍👍

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