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W4R2 - Get thee behind me

Having failed to complete the run last Wednesday and with an extra day's rest the pressure I put myself under not to fail again was pretty awful. But I shouldn't have worried, I did it.

Despite finding the banality of the song lyrics particularly annoying, by the time I'd got to the final 5 minute run I just knew that today was a good running day for me. That extra day's rest did the trick and I even carried on for a short way after Laura said stop as if to prove to myself that it wasn't luck, I did it with some left in the tank.

I'll tell you what though, I feel bloody fantastic, more than is justifiable really but I don't care, it's a personal victory.

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Well done Chewy, its a great feeling when you know your feeling strong enough to complete and i mean mentally as well as physically. I should ave done w4 r3 on Wednesday but due to work commitments had to do it Thursday and managed it even with my dog wanting to run in front of me all the way. Yesterday when i came home i felt like you that i could run today so to get back to my original plan.Yes i don't believe myself but i downloaded w5 r1 and off i went with dog and husband (he runs anyway so was instructed not to interfere as I only have one coach which is of course Laura). How good did I feel having completed the first run on w5 and the Friday night drinks. Tomoz is the second run 8mins I am a little concerned but i have faith in Laura. She has got us so far considering a minute running was torture .


Well done Chewy, I knew you'd do it! Glad the extra rest paid off and you had a great run. I have a feeling I'm going to have to do the same this week due to my calf issues :/ And well done newstart1 on W5R1. Like you I'm going to give R2 a go tomorrow. I did 8 minutes on the end of W4R3 so hoping my mind will keep remembering that when I'm completely shattered 4 minutes in!!

We'll definitely get there guys. So nice to have a little gang going tthrough the same runs at the same time. Let's stay healthy and positive so we can graduate together :D


Exvcellent, Chewy, well done for nailing it, and sending those gremlins packing! Onwards and upwards!


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