W4R2 failed :(

Attempted my second run after two days rest but had to stop after the first three minute run due to both calves aching and cramping up. Gutted as was just starting to feel like I was making progress. Does anyone else suffer with similar problems? Any suggestions except decent trainers as I purchased some before I started the podcasts as I needed ones with extra support as my feet over pronate.


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5 Replies

  • Well done you for keeping at it :) I'm no great expert - have you tried extra rest days? And you can find some useful stretches on the C25k website. It is gutting when our bodies don't do what we want. I had the same at the beginning of week 6, with a dodgy knee - that put be back over a week. If you are really concerned, you could see your GP but most importantly - don't give up, this is just a hurdle on your running journey. Take care

  • I stretch before and after. You could maybe learn some basic self massage which would benefit you. Think of your muscles like blutac, you need to warm them before you use them (I'm trained in massage therapy) so massage can help to prepare them if you're having trouble, and you can use olive oil :-)

  • Ice is good too...I swear by it when I am achy, I have one of those pads you can freeze and I often shove it in a pillow case and on my shins! Early on in the programme I had days where my legs felt like they were made from iron or cast bronze. I find stretching important and sometimes for me I have to push through the stiffness. I have sometimes taken more than one day in between to make sure I am not pushing it. I have also found that increasing walking and adding in hill waking really helps when I come back to running again. Don't get too down-hearted, everyone has the odd crap run and I know many on here have just persevered with a particular week until they feel ready to move on. It is all about you gradually building confidence without injury so be good to yourself!

  • Absolutely not a fail! You got out there, and remember you are still getting used to running. We all have bad days when we can't do it - through cramps, aches, breathing or even just stopping for no reason we can see! I've had them all. Your next run will be better ☺

  • Thanks for the replies and encouragement! I never ever thought I would be able to run so hoping to keep at it and do the 5k I signed up for in the summer. Will try again tomorrow :) have given up smoking as well and the 3x weekly sessions are helping keep the lbs off (@ present). Have a great weekend x

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