W6R3...CHECK!! On to week 7!!!!!! Running and a happy dance!

I want to start this blog by giving each of you a virtual hug and thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the support and kind words this week.. :-) This was a very difficult week for me mentally and physically. I would put week 6 right up there with weeks 1 and 2 as far as challenging for me. I'm fighting allergies and the wind has been horrible...the combination of the two with my mental attitude was like mixing oil and vinegar. I went out last night KNOWING I could do this after making it through the long run in week 5. My last run of week 6 went well! So much better then runs 1 and 2! Go figure!!! We had winds but my short little body plowed right through the 33 per mile gust to round a curve with less wind and find a mighty upward incline. :-( By this time I really didn't notice as I was praying just to keep going and finish! :-) I did have a superb moment in my run last night! When I first started running, a tall slender lady went pass me grinning and not perspiring as she ran...she had the look of stepping out of a magazine. 1 mile later, on the same track, I passed her and she was no longer running. I wonder if she realized I had been running for the entire time? I know this sounds kinda catty, but it made me feel really good! I know this is far from a competition, but it made me feel like...hey! You are a runner and you can do this!!! Thank you again for this amazing group! You guys rock!!! :-) Moving into week 7 on Sunday!!!!


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9 Replies

  • Yaaaay! I'm doing a little happy dance with you. A VERY little happy dance though because I've got to pace myself as I'm off to do W6R2 in about an hour. Mustn't tire myself out with dancing!!! Very well done! (Oh and by the way you are allowed to be catty every now and then!)

  • Well done Gdean and kudos for catching the grinning lady, it's not about what you look like it's about what you do.

  • Well done gdeann!!! Love the stuff about the other runner! You are my inspiration as tomorrow I will do r2 of wk6, am hoping it to be better than r1, which was so hard!!!

    Congrats again - week7, here you come :)

  • Well done!! I was supposed to start Week 8 this morning, but I bottled it and stated home. Must be braver tomorrow!! Well done you for battling with the wind x

  • Fabulous! I love that you passed that lady. Who knows - perhaps she'd just started on C25K? I'm so glad to hear that you killed W3. I did W1 of W6 last night. Did the full run and then Laura said - 'only 60 seconds to go, if you feel that you can, why not try go.ing a little faster'. So, I did. Not a problem. Upped the stride and it felt GOOD. Then.... TWANG went the calf of my left leg! Kept going though, til the end and have been limping a little ever since. Does this stop us? NO. Pulled muscles. Lithe running ladies. and all the other 'excuses' and 'things that could put us off' are nothing. I too love all the lovely people on here with their indominatable spirit that just keep going despite .... well, despite anything. I don't think it's necessarily the running so much, as overcoming all the excuses that pop-up and doing it anyway.

  • I bet that was a fantastic feeling having completed W6. congratulations and happy running in W9. I'd have loved to have seen the look on the woman's face who you eventually overtook. Just shows Laura is right about the importance of pacing yourself ;-)

  • Congratulations on completing Week 6 and on such a high too. No wonder you're doing the happy dance! :-)

  • Congrats on finishing week 6! I finished week 6 yesterday and decided to keep running til I felt too tired. I ended up going for 30 minutes! I couldn't believe it!! So now just to stick with the program and follow it out! Then on to B210k!!

  • Well done you! What a brilliant blog post, you certainly made me smile :-)

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