Started week 5....and then a tornado hit

Holy smokes. I don't know if I should call this my most exciting or terrifying run. Around dinner time last night, I decided to head out for Week 5, Run 1. It was pretty overcast but I was fine running in the rain, if need be. About 8 minutes in, the rain started. I live in a subdivision but like to head towards the dirt roads that offer lots of woods and seclusion. I had just about made it to my turn to head down the same dirt road I always do, when my alert system on my phone went off notifying me of lightning nearby. I didn't think much of was just sprinkling and I was really enjoying the feeling of running in the rain. It felt great. And then the clouds shifted. The sprinkles quickly turned into a downpour. The wind picked up speed (I read 70 MPH). I estimate I was 1 mile or so from my house by now and I began sprinting as fast as I could. Another alert on my phone "Lightning 1 mile NW, Take cover." Then the hail began and for the last 1/2 mile I was pelted with golfball size hail.

The moment I made it to my door I literally fell to the floor. The pain from the hail finally hit and I realized how badly I was hit, pelts up and down my arms and hands.

The bad news: Power is supposed to be out for up to 3 days and we have multiple massive trees down.

The great news: I definitely ran my fastest mile to date.


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11 Replies

  • One thing about us getting out there and running: We start living again (like we did when we were little kids). Sometimes living is pretty damn scary, though. It's OK when it involves turning an enemy like rain into as good a friend as high wind becomes, but sometimes the world turns nasty on us.

    But at least that way you get to improve your times, you runner, you. :-)

  • Holy smokes! That's definitely an incentive to get a personal best mile. Are you okay? Hail is awful even at small diameters. Wishing you a sunny rest of week 5.

  • I'm okay! A little scared as it didnt really hit me until after I made it home what I went through. My poor kids were locked in a closet with our dog, terrified that I wasn't coming home. But, dang, can I run when my life depends on it! lol

  • Geesh. That sounds scary - and whatever that weather app is, keep it. I'm glad the trees didn't fall anywhere near you... good luck dealing with the power cut, that stinks.

  • Hi CP, yikes that sounds pretty scary, glad you made it back in one piece. I was wondering how you were getting on, as I know we are on the same week. I hope your next runs are uneventful and tornado free. I take it you live somewhere exotic then?!

  • Hi Mimsickle! I'm actually in northern Michigan. We experience severe weather very, very rarely. Which is why I wasn't expecting this. I'll be re-doing week 5, run 1, but I'm even more confident in my abilities now :)

    How are you doing?!

  • Just had to look Northern Michigan up in relation to the rest of the US, looks rather lovely I have to say. Good luck with the re-run. I'm enjoying the programme, have noticed an increase in fitness and have lost a few llbs! I hope you get your power back soon.

  • Hope you are OK and no property damage.

    If that got you going, look up the phone app "zombie run" :)

  • Blimey! Scary stuff, hope you've recovered now!

  • Omg. Scary stuff glad you're ok and well done on your super fast run!!!!

  • Thought you were in tornado alley! Not Michigan, weird things happening with the weather these days. Hope alls well.

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