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Outside running first time, boy was it hard!

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I have been following the C25K programme on the treadmill and have just completed W8R1. This morning my new running belt and I ventured out to the local park. I went out with no pre conceived idea on what I might achieve however managed to complete a 25 minute run but every minute was so much harder than the treadmill!!. My breathing was all over the place, something I have under control on a treadmill. I will continue the remainder of m C25K journey at the gym but will run outside alongside completing this programme for an all round running experience 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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I also found running outside more difficult, it may have something to.do with the fact you can actually see the pace you're running on a treadmill. I do two in gym now and one outside each week.

Redcat19Graduate in reply to Stevieplink

Think you could be right. Twice to the gym and once outside seems like a good plan to me. Enjoy running 🏃🏃🏃


When you're on the treadmill your pace is set but when you go outside it's up to you to pace yourself just takes a bit of practice 😊

Redcat19Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Many thanks for your encouraging words.


I guess the temperature is controlled too and no wind etc. I found treadmill running hard. Each to their own I guess. Good luck on completing the C25k. Keep going...you can do it!

Redcat19Graduate in reply to madmother

Good to hear how our experiences are so different. Wherever your journey takes you enjoy!


In all likelihood, you'll have probably run faster without realising it (the treadmill has a great advantage in that case) and most certainly have used up more calories due to the greater amount of push-off force required on the harder ground.

Many people who do it on the treadmill and then switch to outside running say they find it hard. It’s not quite the same.

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