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W4R1: pace is the key

I was quite apprehensive about the first of these Week 4 runs but it was quite a different experience from my Week 3.

Where do I start? I did an after-work run after the slowest traffic ever on the way home so wasn't really fully geared up for it. But I listened to the advice from Laura and you guys and started managing the pace well from the off. I slowed it down to ensure that I could do the entire run. I knew it was a real jump up from W3: 16 mins total compared to 9 running. And yet, it all seemed much easier than before. My average speed was down on the W3R3 in fact but I figured it was mostly about getting through the times evenly and not pushing it yet to improve on the times. I figured that the stamina needs building before the speed picks up. Last week I thought I would die trying to complete that final 3 minutes. Today, even the last 5 minutes was manageable.

Two days off now before I run again on Friday, having to rejig with work and other commitments this Thursday. Can't wait. Next week is going to get complicated too but I am now starting to see what's possible.

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement and motivation.

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Well done, I know my distance is nowhere near 5K yet as I'm soooo slow, but I'm keeping up with Laura and going to do things properly.... I know we can do it ;)


Advice much appreciated - I have just done Wk2R1 and did 5k! Was wondeing whether I need to slow it down and get used to a "reduced pace" - sounds like if I don't I will suffer by the time I get to Wk4.


Good result Janda well done.


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