Is confidence really the key?

So, after repeating week 5 to regain a bit of fitness, having had to miss two weeks of runs due to an unholy amount of work, week 6 so far has been... well... an experience.

Week 5 take 2 had been a breeze, I was confident, happy that my body had maintained my hard-earned fitness, and felt like anything the plan decided to throw at me, I would have no difficulty in knocking right back. That, it turns out, was perhaps not the best attitude to have. I set off on run 1 of week 6 with my head held high. 5 minutes, 8 minutes and then a final 5 minutes. Please, I'd just run for 20 minutes 2 days ago! Easy!

The first 5 minutes was fine. I ran at a slightly faster pace than normal, speeding past dog walkers and skipping over puddles and pavement cracks. I was out of breath and tired when Laura told me to slow down, but still felt incredibly confident. The beginning of the 8 minutes was fine also, I slowed a little, but was still faster than usual, and coasted through the first 4 minutes feeling like the dog's dangly bits. And then, of course, my poor legs thought it was time I stopped torturing them, and they started screaming. Needless to say, my smug grin was replaced with a beaten grimace, as I staggered, hobbled and wheezed my way through the remaining 4 minutes. Never had Laura's instruction to stop been so welcome. I managed to complete the final 5 minutes of the run at a snail's pace, and finished the session feeling more than a little deflated.

Today I went out for run 2 of week 6, feeling apprehensive. Maybe my fitness wasn't as good as I'd thought it was? Maybe I should do week 5 for a third time? I began my first 10 minutes at an easy, comfortable pace - my normal speed, my normal breathing, my normal determined, concentrating face, and my normal attitude of "I'm just going to give it a go". It was great. I happily stumbled along at my bumbling pace, was glad of the walk after 10 minutes and then shuffled through the final 10 feeling like I'd done well, I'd survived, and maybe the dreaded 25 minutes in 2 days time wouldn't be as hellish as I'd previously thought. All in all, a much better feeling than after the previous run!

The moral of the story? Don't get too cocky. You'll enjoy it much more!


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11 Replies

  • :-) :-) Other than the first few weeks, week 6 was my absolute worst! It is definitely a reality check and takes most of us down off of cloud 9! :-) If you search the tags, you will find many a discussion about it. Happy that the second run went so much better! :-) Gayle

  • It most certainly is a reality check! So glad to see I'm not the only one who felt indestructible after week 5, only to be a little disappointed! Looking forward to my next run, now! :)

  • Hi

    I feel exactly the same. Did W6R1 today and I struggled a lot. Didn't find the last 20 minute run too bad but today was tough. By the last 5 minute run I was going at a snails pace. I got through it though and fely quite proud, But it was indeed a reality check! Ah well onwards we go!

  • Well done for getting through it! I'm sure the next run will be much better for you. Let me know how the rest of the week goes! :)

  • Those intervals are quite a rude awakening after conquering a 20 minute run, aren't they?? :-)

    Neither of you need to worry about the struggles of W6. As Gayle said, it certainly was a reality check for many of us!! You are both doing wonderfully and W6 is just one more of the challenges that this program offers!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks Steve! I'm beginning to look forward to my first 25 minute run now. I just have to remember "go slow"! :)

  • Eeeek decided to search the tags for week 6 posts following my blog after W5R3 (Steve had advised that week 6 can be quite tough), and this is the first one I've found. Whilst it initially scared me I've read it again and will use your advice Caroliney to hopefully help me in week 6! I hope I can stick at it like you have all done and just get through the week anyway possible.

  • You'll do fine! It's been challenging so far but as Laura says we've all been training for this! Good luck and let us all know how it goes! :)

  • Your description of W6R1 could have been written by me after last night! But I'm glad the second run went better - hope mine does too!

  • So glad to see I'm not alone! Good luck with the rest of the week! :)

  • It could've been written by me too:-) I'm going to do run 2 tomorrow so i'm hoping it will go better

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