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The key for me is..... pace myself!!

I'm very much a beginner. I got to week 5 a month ago, then had cold/flu which took the wind out of my sails. Whenever I attempted to run, my chest couldn't take it. So I reluctantly took a month off. I lacked confidence/motivation/something(!) to get back out there on my own, so I decided to go out with a local running group. I made sure I'd be ok to run/walk before I joined. What a fab lot they are! I went out last night, joined the shortest route group (3 miles) and really surprised myself by running for 20 minutes before I needed to walk! I ran/walked a couple more times and completed the route in 40 minutes. I've only ever managed a 5 minute run on my own. So the key for me is slow and steady. I knew that was important before, but on my own I tend to go too fast. I think that this group is going to be a good thing for me. I'm looking forward to my 2nd run out with them. I'll be picking the Couch to 5k back up in-between group nights. Feeling much more optimistic x

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Well done Beetie, I agree, it really is worth checking out running clubs. Local enthusiasts usually at all levels. Lots of free tips, support and running pals!


Thanks old git (!). I'm definitely pro-running groups at the moment! I realise they're not for everyone - some people run for the solitude, but it's working for me at the moment :)


Yes I think pacing yourself is all important.

Running on your own is fine though, and once you have the confidence that you can actually do this, then you'll be fine running on your own. You need to run alone sometimes when you have a specific job you're trying to do such as speed intervals when you need to focus on what you're doing. You can do both


I'm sure I will run alone again sometimes too. I started on my own as I knew that with others I'd be too conscious of others, was I slowing them down? Can I remember everyone's name? That sort of thing! Whereas running alone I could be selfish and concentrate on my technique, listening to Laura's advice. I soon realised though that one of my bad habits when running alone is going too fast. I was progressing as the weeks went by, running for longer each time, but it's definitely got easier since I worked on slowing down. Running with others helps me to pace myself which is a big bonus for me at my present level. Thanks Miss Wobble :)


Well done Beetle. I know exactly where you're coming from. I graduated yesterday. But after having a really bad cold I struggled to get myself running, I'd only took a few extra days off. But I found when I went out on my own I would run too fast and become really out of breath very quickly. I've been out with my husband a few times and he seems to keep me in check, and I just love that he's there with me.

He's a lot fitter than me and barley breaks a sweat 😅!

But I'm off out tomorrow, my first run after graduation and I am determined to do it all on my own.

Think I might look into a running club near me. But I am very slow.

Well done keeping going, you can do it 👍


Thanks Niknok. Good luck with the run tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it. Our local club welcomes anyone from fast walkers to marathon runners. They have routes of varying lengths and everyone runs in groups matched to their ability. Even though I was the slowest in the slowest group (!) I was never patronised or looked down upon. We all met up (at the pub!) and it was good that most of the groups came in after ours, so I didn't have that 'last back' feeling. Everyone was really positive and encouraging x

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That's great! Nice to run with company.


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