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Week 7 run 1 Running in the dark!

Well, I never ever thought I'd be able to run (or jog very slowly) for 25 minutes! Really really pleased with myself!

I had a bit of a mental block between weeks 5 and 7 just as the longer runs have started, so those weeks have actually taken more like 5 weeks to get between. They occured over the summer when we've been on three breaks so I used that as an excuse to procrastinate <slaps own wrist>. But the last break is over now so I really want to complete the program before the nights pull in much more. My motivation is back. Hurrah!

I have altered the route a little as it was getting a bit boring, and that has helped don't think it is anywhere near 5k though! It is still exhausting but this run I actually managed to say hello to a dog walker (rather than just smile/grimmace) so thats an improvement.

Not really sure what will happen when I have to run in the dark though, there are no street lights and plenty of potholes!

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I am wondering too, this will be my first winter running outside.

I got a head torch but haven't tried running with it on yet.


Well done for making it to week 7. I know what you mean about the smile/grimace, it took me until week 9 before I could manage polite comments!


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