Week 7 run 1 aching legs

I completed this one yesterday, no problems. It was tough at first but I got into it and kept going and persevering until the end.

I have found though that afterwards for quite a while I could really feel it in my legs and they were aching quite a bit. I'm wondering if this is normal after a longer run without walks in between as I have never had this before or if it's because I didn't warm up enough on the 5 minute walk as it was freezing.


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  • Well done on completing the run debze :)

    I get that 'heavy leg' feeling quite often, especially when I start to run up any inclines. The only time I don't feel it is when I first start my running, but after a while of running I can get it once I start to climb any kind of small incline. However, I think it's perfectly normal and the more we fight it and continue, the stronger we become...as long as we don't collapse in the process! :D

    All the best with the rest of your week 7. (Amazing to think, I start my week 8 on Monday!)

  • Thank you! I think it's brilliant how far we've come since week 1.. the improvement in my stamina is amazing. I'm hoping to do the second run of week 7 tomorrow. Good luck on week 8! :)

  • Thanks!

    All the best with your 2nd run tomorrow. :)

  • I think it is natural as we are working muscles that were not used before. It is really important to have the rest days to let muscles recover and sometimes I have to take extra rest days as my muscles have not recovered in one day. But there is a difference between this and injury which is real pain. Well done on your progress so far. Hope you are enjoying the programme

  • Yep so far I've been taking one rest day. I'm about to head out today so I'll see how I find it and I may need to take an extra rest day.

    I am absolutely loving the programme and the lovely people on here are so supportive and have really kept me going :)

  • Well done! Yes, is probably normal it should go away as you get stronger, when you get it just remember to back off and take it slow & steady, only open the taps if you want near the end of the run about the last 30 secs, just to see what you have left in the tank, and try and run only on the flat while doing c25k, I know it's not always possible but hills make the programme so much harder..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Some peeps take a bit longer to warmup, I know I do, I warm up a tad in house and get the heart rate up with some light excercise, bends, touch toes, etc (not stretching) then go out and do 5min warm up walk and always stretch legs out after 5min cool down walk...

  • Thank you and yes I think I will try to warm up before I leave the house too.. I'm such a cold bod anyway so it's going to be a real struggle going for a run in the winter but I'm determined to keep on with this and not go back to being on the couch lol

  • Maybe worth getting a long sleeve thermal compression base layer for winter, I've just ordered one...

  • Could I ask where you ordered yours from? I looked on Sports Direct but couldn't see any

  • Yes, Amazon, think the one's for ladies are dearer but still reasonable.. women's TCA Super thermal long sleeve performance base layer..

  • Just looked on sportsdirect and I saw ladies base layers on there..

  • Cheers! thank you

  • I think it's a lot to do with the longer runs as well until our bodies get used to it! Image how far we have come since day 1๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š our poor bodies must be in shock especially our legs!! But loving it at the same time!! I also took a couple of days rest in the last 2weeks if I felt I needed it not all the times but I had 2 poor runs I think it was runs 2&3 in week 7 where I was slower than usual or should I say slower than my normal slow๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ but still kept running.. Take each day as it comes you are nearly there... Well done you are doing a fantastic job๐Ÿ˜Šx

  • Thank you! :) When I think back when I started the plan I had real pains in my ankles and knees which have disappeared now..I think that was down to my body getting a shock after starting to exercise after about 20 years of nothing :) I'll maybe take extra rest days too :)

  • My legs were often achy after runs and the way I soothed them was to climb into bed with the electric blanket on and rest. I know people recommend icing but the thought of that - yuk. Think how much you are using those muscles, joints and how your heart and lungs are working hard. Totally amazing to get to this point and a few niggles are to be expected. With legs, I find strength and flex exercises on rest days transformed my running and avoided injury. Also while running, I consciously relax my shoulders and arms (this helps breathing) and my calves and ankles (get much more comfortable runs that way)!

  • Thanks for the advice! :) I will try that along with the relaxing technique when running :)

  • Well done on your progress to Wk7! Yes, aching legs here too, and I have also resorted to the heat pad in bed on a couple of occassions and no doubt a few more to come. Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  • Thank you and you too! :)

  • In response to your question above about thermal running gear - I just bought wool mix thermal top and leggings from Uniqlo (ยฃ14.90 each) found in the sports wear section on the website. Basing this on the wool-mix running tees from Adidas but those - as with the current cold weather running gear from them - are out of my price range unfortunately.

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