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Had to drag myself out of bed this morning after an unusual restless night.

My four legged friend was waiting for me as per normal. He, having done his stretches was raring to go, me having noted the heavy rain was less so.

Having given myself a good talking to, out I went and turned on the phone. I had toyed last night with doing the run to my own playlist but thought I might need Lauras encouragement so on she came. For some reason I also switched on sportstracker, something I have never done. This proved to be a master stroke but more of that later.

Off Laura and I went on our pre run morning stroll, the rain having eased to a light drizzle. Five minutes came and went and I set out on my run, quickly getting into a nice pace. Five minutes in Laura popped up to tell me that I was doing great but I could slow down if I was feeling tired.

"PAH, said I. You know nothing woman".

Laura does not take kindly to this slur, takes a huff and shuts down!!!!

I have read that others had been having problems with the pod casts stopping but this is the first time this has happened to me. On the 20 minute run of all times!!!

Undaunted, I continued running while fumbling in my pockets for the phone. A check of sports tracker shows my time (minus the 5 minute warm up).

I boot up the podcast again and scroll through to where Laura had taken a strop and quickly offer my apologies which I am glad to say she accepted.

The run continues and I feel fine, reaching the half way mark, I turn for home knowing that at this stage, I can complete this!

I re-enter the park just as Laura tells me its 15 minutes and join the throng of early morning runners. I feel great and my pace hasn't dropped, if anything, it may have increased slightly with my new found enthusiasm. Here I am, a slightly overweight (but decreasing) unfit (not as bad as I was) 44 year old (still increasing) and whats this? Am I actually catching up on that 20 something fellow runner that I normally see disappearing over the horizon? I do believe I am!!

Two minutes Laura tells me, me having past by my mental "finishing lamp post" some 100metres or so ago.

"Slow down" Laura tells me and I do so, elated at having finished.

It occurs to me that it is likely I have ran for more than 20 minutes so I check sportstracker and to my shock, it notes that I have been on the go for 28:32. Minus the warm up and fumbling I estimate that I have actually complete a 23 minute run (week 6 run 3 nailed ish)

As I punch the air, a fellow runner jogs past with a nod and knowing smile.

What a feeling. What a programme. I never expected that in 5 weeks of training I could possibly run for this length of time (and a running pace of 11.3km/h)

Thank you Laura and the NHS. I realise there are 4 tough weeks ahead but I now believe that I can run 5k in the 9 week timescale.

And the sun is now shining!!

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Congratulations! Can't beat that feeling.


Thank you. I am well chuffed. I know from reading posts not to under estimate week 6 so I approach with caution but also optimism


Well done Runner56! I share your joy as have just done my W5R3. Still in my running gear and too excited to go and have a shower yet! (Eww!) Roll on W6 and a big pat on the back to you :)


Well done on completing this run - not that there were really any doubts about it. However, treat W6 with respect - you may feel that after doing a 20 minute run today, the intervals in the first two runs of next week will be easy - not so! Take it very slow and steady and don't be over-confident. It's possibly the toughest week of the programme. That said, good luck and best wishes.


Thank you fitmo. You had more faith in me than I did. I shall heed your week 6 warnings and keep the nice steady pace that I have become accustomed to.


Bloomin' magic. Well done.


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