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I graduated and it passed me by! What next?

Hi everybody, a little later than expected due to colds for me and the little chap but I managed my 3rd 30 minute run a couple of days ago, I had to do a 20 and 25 minute run in between as I had been a bit under weather but I can honestly say I now can run 30 minutes!

Who'd have thought it a few weeks ago I couldn't run a minute! I even did a PB on my last run covering 5.5k! So if u are struggling around week 7/8 for whatever reason don't give up, you are nearly there and even if you miss a few days it will be ok....

A family member who runs a gave me some good advice, it's better to run for 5 minutes than not at all, and actually if you go out with the intention of only doing a 5 minute run you will end up doing more! After being ill I set out for a 5 minute run and ended up doing 20 which got me back on track.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get here including Laura, who I sadly dropped at week 7 due to music choice....

What next? Any ideas greatly received!

S x x x

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Well done graduation and a pb brilliant. There are podcasts for after graduation I don't know what the music is like but they work on speed and stamina I think. Or you could join a running club, I have and it is great fun running with others. Congratulations and good luck in your future running :-D


Thanks rolphie2! I will continue just not sure if I should work on speed or stamina... I think a running club would be good but maybe when I can run a bit further faster :) good luck in yours too...


You're faster than me, you could see if your local running club has a beginners group that is what I have joined and although we are all at different levels, we have a great (if punishing and painful) time! Good Luck :-D


Hi Sachelle.... Just did my first PG run with Stepping Stones. Although it does make you go a bit slower it REALLY does set up good running techniques and gets you to be more mindful about posture, feet placement etc. It may seem easier because it's slower but it really does work you in all senses.

I for one will do this 3-4 times before moving on because it's activating brain cells as well as everything else - you know that left brain/right brain confusion, well I really feel like I've done a brain workout as well. Don't expect PB's with it BUT it is actually a really good stepping stone to bridge all the other manic stuff :-)!!!

Good luck and keep smiling, Sara :-)


I dropped Laura as soon as I could too but I was surprised how pleased I was to be out running with her again on the 5K+ podcasts :-) They're definitely worth a try but I'm afraid the music is no better so most people alternate them with runs to their own music.

Before my knee started playing up I was doing one run with Stamina, one with Speed and one or two to my own music, hope to get back into the routine soon!

Enjoy :-)


Congratulations Sachelle! Brilliant and especially to do over 5k in 30 mins which is still a distant dream for me even though I've finished the prog too. Great advice about going out even if you only think you'll do a few mins. Keep up the good work :-)


Well done on graduating and that time is great too.

I like the advice from your running friend and it proves the adage that even if you're shuffling along you're still going faster than someone who's sitting on their couch. And it's very true what you say about how you end up running for longer than you think you plan to.

Looking forward to seeing you 'greened' up with your badge.


Congratulations, Sachelle!!! Not only did you complete the full 5K distance to graduate, but you did it with an amazing time!! Superbly done on all counts!!

Welcome to the "Graduate" club!! Enjoy your new badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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