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Well just discovered this yesterday on the last day of my holiday in Paris. So I walked 8km yesterday and today was travelling day so only managed 2km today so for my 2 days have managed an average of 5k a day so think am on target. Just home and semi unpacked and planning a 5k run tomorrow. Have overindulged for the last 10 days on everything bad for you, and now have a "bread belly" which needs to go! I ordinarily have a low carb, high protein diet except on holiday....

Think will have to cycle at the gym some of the time due to the lovely Aberdeen climate. Looking forward to this new challenge as I need the structure to stay focused. Will also stick to it if I keep blogging. Hope you don't mind....

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Welcome back Angel good that you had a lovely time. By the way there is nothing wrong with our lovely weather, Saturday at Parkrun was HOT, HOT, HOT 25C when I was driving home, its not been that all summer. I think you are very brave doing this 5X50 challenge, I know I couldn't do that for love nor money, I need the a day of complete rest every now and again, so good luck with it.


Well done there are a few people here doing the challenge. I am already struggling with it thanks to my stupid ankle.


Did a slow 45 minute 5k at the gym. Think my carb overdose the last 10 days has weighed and slowed me down but at least it's done for today.

Weather - Oldgirl, every time I go on holiday the sun shines in Aberdeen!

Ankle - George42, I came out of plaster from a broken ankle this time last year and I have to say I am VERY wary with it which is why I will never be fast but for me it's about getting the exercise more than the speed. Good luck with your too!


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