The cellulite experiment... 5x50

The cellulite experiment...  5x50

I chose to take measurements when we started the 5x50 challenge and the results were a total of almost 2.5" combined off of my tummy and bum. Nothing at all off of my thighs and I actually increased my calf size by .25" on each leg. My scale weight actually increased by a few pounds too. :-( I was starting to become depressed after reading so many of the success stories here. I remembered I had Steve snap a pic of my backside when we started the challenge. I had him snap another pic the night after the challenge and this is the end result. Same leg/same area, lighting was probably different and my legs have been exposed to sun. There is a visible difference in dimpling! The actual photo's of my bum (which I won't share here) actually show a reduction of my "saddlebags " as well. After losing 30+ pounds over the past few years, I have never been able to reduce the appearance of the flub. If anything, as I have lost weight, it had became more apparent. So the results are in: no change in diet, if anything, more parties over the challenge. The results are solely from increasing exercise. I hope the pic is viewable, I'm trying to post this from my phone! Gayle

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  • Wow! Another reason to run!

  • :-) Yes it is!!!!

  • When's the next 5x50 challenge. I want that result SO much.

  • I bet it will be announced closer to time of the next challenge as we had several this year participate. Our very own Theresa (tjflute) turned it into a 100 day challenge!

  • Great! I won't use those pics on the final 5x50 composite picture though! :D

  • :-) :-) Hopefully I will get a pic or two sent to you. :-) It was kinda horrifying to see the pre-challenge pic, photos show so much more then the mirror! Also, I didn't notice the daily changes going on until looking at the post challenge pic.

  • Great result Gayle! :) An inch more than me, though I didn't measure my calves....

    Very brave to have photos taken :O I have noticed too a general toning up so a good side effects from this running lark!!

    Oh to have Sun exposed to my legs.......a far away dream at the moment!! Enjoy the sunshine!


  • The sun played peek-a-boo today! Now its clouding up and looks like a storm. I was getting frustrated because I wasn't seeing the changes myself. Photos really do help regardless how terrifying they may be! :-)

  • Yes, yes, yes!! This is clearly visible to everyone, that exercise has a huge effect on toning, and fat cells. I didn't take a photo of me sadly, but took measurements and I'll assess them once the 100 days are over. Well done Gayle!

  • You have to be as fit as a fiddle Theresa!!! :-) One mean, lean burning machine!!!! :-)

  • Well done Gayle! It just didn't cross my mind to have photos and measurements taken as I started the C25K challenge ... I suppose I thought I'd crumble after trying a coupe of runs! Anyway, it is great to see a very visible difference ;)

    I know my shape has changed and folk have commented that I must have lost weight ... But the scales made me absolutely the same at start and finish of the challenge. Now, from 3 weeks ago, both me and hubby have embarked on the 5:2 eating regime. So in that time, my weight has altered by a kilo! Will do my best to keep both challenges going to get me fitter AND lighter. Lots of blogs warned me that both (exercise and diet) were necessary to make a real difference .... So off I go .... I need to get BMI and cholesterol down! Oh, and please send some sun this way.... I've just come in from a heavy hail storm!!! What the heck??? :) :D

  • I lost weight before starting C25K last Aug. I did not budge one measly pound during the program. I am actually up a few pounds! I have noticed, running doesn't help me lose weight but I do believe it is helping me maintain it. I would still love to lose more though! I was shocked with the photos, I wasn't "seeing" the change. Congrats on the weight loss!

  • That's fantastic Gayle. Well done. As Theresa says it's so visible the effect exercise has on toning the muscles. And all that partying didn't hold you back, so keep on partying! :)

  • Wow! Maybe red wine shrinks fat cells? Beer reduces jiggle? Off to have another celebratory drink!!!! ;-)

  • Crikey Gayle, a before an after! Excellent work! I haven't dared weigh or measure myself since 5 x 50 but, although I'm not going to publish a snapshot, I certainly have no more dimples on my thighs!

    Great work Gayle!

  • I can't believe I was brave enough to publish a pic! Quite a horrid, dimpled thing! Oh well, onwards and upwards with hopefully less "flub" along the way. Even though the scale is "up" my clothes are fitting differently. The "gain" I had on my calves also appear to be muscle. I actually have a defined muscle or two now!! ;-)

  • That's really fab Gayle! Really visible results, you must be so happy! :)

  • Gayle ... that is fantastic, and good to see ... did think my bits were slightly less dimply and I have had the 'you look good, you have lost weight' when I don't feel I have, just think it is getting toned up ... suppose any exercise after so many years without will have some effect.

    Love the before and after :)

  • Gayle great result and thanks for posting the before and after pics. I haven't took any pics yet but you have inspired me to enlist my friend to help me take some so that further down the line i can look back and see if there is any change.

  • thank you for posting those pics, Gail. So encouraging to see the longer term benefits of regular exercise. Go girl xx

  • What a difference! We sometimes get hung up on checking the numbers on the scales but forget about how we feel and look. That's a fantastic result.

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