5x50 - Rounding the halfway point

5x50 - Rounding the halfway point

Everyone knows (and loves!) that feeling of reaching the halfway point in a run and knowing that every step now takes you closer to home and your finishing line.

Today is day 25 of the 5x50 challenge and so we are rounding that marker and turning for home.

I've done mine for today, completed by 6:25! and am still really enjoying the running, finding that my "par score" for a run has improved by minutes from the opening few days. Touch wood avoided any injuries or niggles by sticking to the 5-10 minute walking warm up and the stretches from the Strength & Flex podcasts before starting running. Also finished off Season 1 of Zombies Run so I hope they can keep releasing enough missions for the next 25 runs!

Attached is a picture of my "Torture chart" .... suddenly not looking quite so daunting!


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  • I was at a meeting in Edinburgh last night and overheard someone talking about running, walking & cycling, Naturally I thought they were talking about 5x50, so asked. They hadn't heard of it and when I explained what we were up to, they were flabbergaphumphed at this old git could have undertaken such a challenge. It fairly put a spring in the step of this (almost) 58 year old. While in Edinburgh, I got off the train at Haymarket rather than Waverley, walked the scenic route to the meeting (I had an hour) - 4 miles. Then walked back to Haymarket for the train home (another 2 miles). Doesn't a challenge make you do funny things?

    Day 25 - only 25 more to go!

  • Brilliant time on your ParkRun Malcy btw

    Small world, I did the exact same this morning (Haymarket to Princes St east end) .... not planning to do the return leg though, I've already got my run done for the day!

  • I work in the Edinburgh town centre and march all over it every lunch time now.

    Halfway through I can see I won't be making the same distance I managed last year.

    I did an even 500k total last time but half way through I am not even up to 200 yet.

  • Yep, I have it marked in my diary that today is halfway house day!! Yippeee! :D Fingers crossed my next 25 days go as well as the first.

    As at yesterday I had logged 198kms so with today's 5k minimum that takes it to 203 so that could be over 400kms for the 50 days......250 miles!!! Still cant quite believe it.... :O


  • I'm so pleased I'm still in on the challenge at the half-way mark! :)

    I'm really glad I got out and ran yesterday, as I was beginning to feel I'd dropped out of things a bit - still doing 30 minutes exercise every day, but very little running. Anyway, it so encouraged me (I ran 7km, which is the furthest I've ever run) that I crazily did a bit more today - only 1km, but at a much better pace - just to see if I could.

    Shins are a bit twingey now though, so I'll go a bit gentler again for a day or two, I think. But it was good to get back into it properly again.

    I've got 145 km logged (quite a bit of yoga in there though) - so I may try to add in a little bit more so I can get to 300 km by the end. Not that I'd mind 290 though.

    I definitely feel that it's changed my attitude to exercise, which is fantastic. :)

  • Well done, Pastyman on your 25-day running streak.

    My mileage (kilometre-age?) had dropped from the high of week 1, because I've cut back on the long cycle rides ahead of the two 10K races.

  • Its really encouraging to see how well everyone is doing, isn't it, and to see how everyone is mixing it up to suit their lifestyles. It shows that it can be done.... :)

  • I did a push tonight running and cycling on top of walking to push over 200.

    My calves hate me now, think I will foam roller tonight.

  • I did a push tonight running and cycling on top of walking to push over 200.

    My calves hate me now, think I will foam roller tonight.

  • Wow, you lot are impressive - I have logged my walking today, but just under 5k; intended to go out a ride my bike after dinner but grandson decided only I was good enough until bedtime (even though his Mum was at work 7am-7pm!) which was late due to dog walking until nearly 8pm....

    I will be out running tomorrow, it will be another hot, red faced run while he is at playschool in the afternoon; then may try to get daughter to go for a longish bike ride on Friday or Saturday to up my distances... I am really enjoying this challenge, and hope someone does set up another similar challenge when it ends for us all to keep up the daily exercise routine! :-)

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