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5x50 pathetic ailment

I've got a sore toe for some reason on the ball of big toe, I'm a 'runner' look after it move on.

But how pathetic is this?

Tonight some family came to visit, staying in the local holiday inn with SWIMMING POOL, so today for my 5x50 challenge I thought I'd swim!!

Up and down I went, all was going well, breathing fine (I have asthma and normally swimming doesn't help) until I felt real pain in my little finger, yep you read that right LITTLE FINGER how ridiculous is that?

I cannot keep my fingers closed on my left hand while going through the water :-( my little finger drifts away vibrating (if that's right) against the water. It kept cramping up!!

It's now 5 hours later and left toe is clicking and left little finger is so painful I'm sure it would be less so if chopped off :-0

Don't want to moan though I'm still having fun :-) even though I'm not losing any weight :-(

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These little things can be very painful. I have an annoying big toe I often think I would be better off snipping the whole thing off.

I think I put weight on overall when I did the 5x50 last year.

At least the finger won't bother you when you go back to running.

It's blowing a gale and pouring with rain here, I am trying to work up the courage to go out into it.


Oh no! At the moment it's glorious sun here, ill do a few hours of poo picking the field, (horses) that should give me at least 2k :-) then run this afternoon,

Then eat a shed load of ice cream I've been promising the children all week


I wimped out and did 50 minutes on an excercise bike instead. It's still blowy and raining.

I imagined we would be doing this in sunshine somehow.

The hills behind my house still had snow on them yesterday.


So has enough of snow!! Don't blame you for staying in :-)


Don't feel pathetic - I get arthritis in my big toe joint on one foot and it really does make a big difference. You have to be careful that you don't run awkwardly because you're compensating for the pain on one side - it can trigger injury elsewhere.

I ran in light showers, blustery wind and some very nice sunny interludes this morning. It was lovely, the rain and wind was just enough to be refreshing :-)

Don't chop your finger off - it's not the best way to achieve weight loss ! ;-)


Haha brill :-) no ill be keeping me little pinkie a while longer x I'm not sure if its my trainers, the same ones I've been using from the start but in tonight's run they just felt uncomfortable. I took them off and my ankles felt 'clicky??, stiff' and toe was cramped :-(

I also have a pair of spikes for when I run with the canicrossers (dogs) ill have to see if its the same when I next ware them x


The comment about chopping the finger off for weight loss made me laugh so much I nearly choked! :)


Sorry ! :-(


No need to be sorry, it was funny!


:-) :-) kinda need it for balance, I'm so uncoordinated


I've not had your problem with little finger but sitting here reading your blog I thought perhaps the next time you could try taping two or three fingers together (just for the swim of course) it would protect little pinkie :)


Good thinking x I don't know if its my wedding/engagement rings but just can't keep my finger straight or together, must be just very weak x


Oh, just thought... When I was being taught how to teach swimming (I'm a primary school teacher, and had to teach children how to swim crawl, even though I can only do breast-stroke!) I'm pretty sure we were told that the fingers don't all have to touch - in fact, I think you get a better pull on the water if there are little gaps between them. Maybe that would reduce the impact on the pinky trailing at the edge? ????


It sounds so silly reading through all these :-) people complain of shin splints, pulled tendons ect and here I am moaning about my little finger :-0

I know what you mean about keeping your fingers slightly apart and I did try ( my aunt was with me and she suggested it) but same thing happened, I don't know if I've had an injury that's weakened it I've forgotten about but, hayho I don't do that much swimming (I'm normally holding up a child in armbands) at least it's not a running injury xx


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