Had my worst run today ) : in my new t shirt!

I decided I'd run to my daughter's house, in my nice new C25K t shirt! I was very glad when it started to rain, I was SO hot! I took the dog with me, I'd forgotten how much she hates running and what a pain she is. She was fine along the canal path (which was quite dry, so no knee problems). When I got onto the lanes, I was more or less having to drag her behind me. I stopped at least 3 times and then I cut it short. I did 4.3K and, although I'm trying to blame the dog, I'm disappointed with myself. Along the canal, the swan family were in the water, 2 adults and 6 teenagers. Both the adults hissed at me, and I think if they'd got out of the water, I might have found the wherewithal to run much faster!!

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  • LOL! Sounds like a bit of an adventure. Just gives you something to aim for next time, sans dog and swans!

  • Yes, I suppose I'll have to try again! I ran at about 5pm, which was an experience in itself because I normally run in the early morning! I need to find out when cygnets leave home, just to make sure I'm safe!!!

  • You have a daughter who has a house, so you're probably in your forties or fifties, you've got dodgy knees and you ran 4.3k in 30 minutes? You're amazing.

    PS Swans are evil - I was brought up to stay well away from them.

  • Thank you Delores, I'm 56! Yes, I hate them when they've got babies!

  • I'm 49, and you're a lot faster than me. I'm full of admiration.

  • I'm 34 and you're a lot faster than me!! Well done, just leave the lazy dog at home next time :)

  • You still got out there and ran an amazing 4.3k. That is pretty damn fantastic, Stayinbed! The swans sound scary - I have this image of you doing a Usain Bolt if they chased you. There'd just be this sort of blur as you zoomed away at the speed of light!

  • I have to say that the 4.3K wasn't done in 30 mins ) : Thanks for all the encouragement, and yes, the dog will never be running with me again!

  • As bad runs go, it sounds like you did a good job. Well done. :) Naughty doggy doesn't deserve to go with you next time (I suspect s/he was jealous of your nice new tee!) ;)

  • I've told the bad dog what you said and she agrees!!!

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