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Oh it's all happening here!

Arrived home on Monday to my new graduate T- shirt. I was really looking forward to wearing it and looking like a real runner who would not be daunted by little things like hills. On Tuesday, feeling ambitious, I loaded up the Speed podcast and set off up the dreaded hill outside my house. The run was hard but went pretty well even if my face did match the berry colour of my T-shirt by the end.

Felt all pleased with myself and then woke up on Wednesday morning and could barely put my left foot on the ground for the pain at the back of my ankle. Ice and painkillers got me through the day but felt pretty fed up. A bit of Googling and self-diagnosis and it seems I've got achilles tendonitis caused by (naturally) running up hills. Treatment - RICE and stretches - so that's where we are now. I suppose I should feel like a real runner with my first proper running injury but I'm totally p***ed off. :-( I knew that hill was out to get me from the start! Still the stretching seems to be helping even if the family is somewhat bemused by me standing on the bottom step slowly levering my self up and down.

As for the new T shirt, I ordered the biggest size based on their website but their sizing is definitely off. I'm normally around a 16 and if intended to be worn fitted I should definitely have gone for the L. Fortunately I am quite happy with loose and baggy although it may mean I don't get all the benefit of the wicking fabric. The colour (berry) is great though and I have my eye on one of the sky blue ones with white writing once I get back out there again. :-) In the meantime I'll just have to spend the weekend back on the couch watching the Paralymics so it's not all bad. What astonishing athletes these people are!

Might even try one of the strength and flex podcasts so as not to turn back into a complete potato. Hope I don't have to wait too long before I can run again tho.

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What a bummer! But, as you say, it proves you're a real runner now with a fona bide injury ;-). Sounds like you're doing everything you should. Good luck for speedy healing and getting back out there and running.


Thanks Viv. The stretches seem to be helping and I did have a lovely day with friends yesterday so I have managed to cheer up a bit!


Gutted for you. We all know the best thing to do is rest, but it's so frustrating.


Thanks Diamondwitch (great name BTW). Had a very nice day with friends yesterday. Great excuse to sit in the garden with a cool drink so feeling a bit more cheerful!


Ah, poor you, Pingle. Hope the rest helps, the Paralympics are amazing, aren't they? I can recommend the strength and flex podcasts. Fingers crossed you'll soon be running about again.

Interesting info about the t-shirt, I hope to be ordering one very soon. Still not sure which colour....


Thanks Soozz. Rest and stretches definitely helping - it doesn't hurt at rest now so that's progress I suppose. Too hot for running here anyway! Did enjoy the last couple of days of Paralympics especially Oscar getting his gold in the 400m!

The berry coloured T is very nice but someone posted a pic of a light blue one with white writing which looked really smart. Sizing definitely odd. Wilmacgh found the same. I think the fastrax measurements might be more accurate than those at complete runner . (The basic T-shirt is by fastrax).

You will need to get that order in now you have graduated! I loved your graduation blog and thought it was fantastic that your friend was there with a flag! I've only got a virtual flag but it's waving too !!!! :-) Very well done and keep up the good work and tell hubby to go easy on the hills! Plenty of time for them later. :-)


Thanks, Pingle - glad to hear the pain's getting better. I will check out te fastax website cos according to my measures I need an XL size and although a bit rotund I can't believe that's right! Thanks for all your support. Hope you're all better very soon.


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