Glebe Avenue - doesn't SOUND too scary does it??

Ahem, I beg to differ!

Now, I know, that if you are a fell runner like these mad, I mustn't say that... like these athletes:

well then, Glebe Road holds no fears for you, apart from the fact that it's smooth tarmac and paving, not turf, scree and stone. It's a great book, but I don't think I want to be a fell runner, not anytime soon, or even anytime far away.

However for us lesser mortals, hills like Glebe Avenue are not a good way to start your day. But, hmmm, if I tell my good online running friend that I am doing hillwork today and she asks me later "Did you do your hillwork Carole?", and I say, "Well, no actually, when the alarm went off at scary o' clock (6.20am) I thought I'd just stay in my nice warm bed, instead of getting out of my pit and making an effort like a proper runner!" What will that say about me??

So, up and at 'em Carole girl. It's a flipping mile and a quarter warm up just to get to the bottom of G...... Avenue, (can't even bring myself to type it now). Luckily it's mostly a long slow gentle downhill so I can save my breath, because I know that I AM GOING TO NEED IT! There are the stats for the obsessive. The HILL is 2/10 of a mile pretty much straight up. I go up and down it three times. The first time I'm thinking what a stupid idea THIS is. The second time I am puffing like a steam engine, the third time my glutes are saying "Hey!!!! Enough already! Dontcha know it's early??". I am a real glutton for punishment tho', because on the last run down, I think I might as well run up it just once more (how brave I am!) and then that leads me onto my usual route which is then about a mile and a half, flattish (ok, only one hill more, but compared to the hell hill, not too bad) run to home, a shower, breakfast....mmmmmm.

On the last trip up I think I am going to be sick, but look up to my target corner, try not to think, just repeat in my head "Get up the hill, up the hill, up the hill"...and I AM UP THE HILL, crossing the road and looping back to my own front door.

Ok, no run tomorrow, but nine miles on Sunday. Hmmmmm.....



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13 Replies

  • There's no stopping you, is there ! Awesome ! ( as our American cousins say ) :)

  • I feel like a lesser mortal compared to you CaroleC - well done! :-)

  • Carole you are mad, quite mad :)

    Just think of the good its doing that backside !!!

    Seriously well done. Makes my garmin stats look truly pathetic.

  • That left me beetroot-red-faced just reading it! And envious! (lol...well...maybe not so much envious 'cause of all that huffin' and puffin')

    I guess I can pretty much scratch running WITH you at Loch Ness...we may be in the same marathon...but you'll be showered and well rested before I limp home. Hillwork, indeed!

    Great run, Carole!

    And I'll bet you didn't save me a muffin, did you?

  • Lol,

    There are five muffins left; but not for much longer!


  • Big respect. That sounds like some run.

  • Ooof! Nice run, well done, if that doesn't sort you out nothing will:-)

    That book is my favourite, love the opening scenes, had to read them half a dozen times. I so want to be a fell runner but I am resigned to it not being possible (not many fells in Surrey) in the same way that I am unlikely to win the Ashes for England in front of a packed Lords ;-)

    Still its a dream.

  • Let me tell you that my glutes are telling me off big time this morning. Not had pain in the rear like that before, not even after the infamous Saltash Half Marathon run which had awful hills. I guess they were more spread out, and not a short, sharp intense session like yesterday's.


  • Greg what is a fell runner?

  • They run races in mountains.

    If you have ever been hiking in the Lakes or Scotland maybe and whilst puffing your way up a mountain and been passed by someone in trainers and shorts running your route - they are fell runners.


  • Lol... I thought they may have been sent by Mordor...

  • Oh they have! Sorry didn't. Mean to suggest otherwise.


  • Thanks Greg for helping out an ignorant Aussie

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