Running first thing

Ok, so my first thing may be a little later than some people are thinking but the idea is the same. It clearly doesn't make sense to go out on an empty stomach so what do you do about breakfast? Is breakfast (I mostly have muesli or weetabix and a mug of tea) folllowed more or less immediately by a workout a problem. Maybe I just have to try it for myself.


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  • This was asked recently and the majority of us morning runners do not eat before running. I drink a full 250ml glass of water and run for 30 mins on that. In fact today was the latest I've been with my morning run - out about 10am - and I still didn't eat.

    I'm currently reading a book about Chi running and the writer, Danny Dreyer suggests if you eat before a run, make sure it is at least 3 hours before running. He adds if you've eaten well the night before it's not necessary to eat before a morning run.

  • If I do that I'm not going to fit in the run. Will ask practice nurse but type 2 diabetes may make the answer about not eating different. I've also been told by people who tried not eating that it makes you feel really ill....

  • I usually eat a banana an 60-90 minutes beforehand. I find 60 minutes is plenty of time for my stomach to settle. People eat to re-fuel on longer runs (half-marathons, marathons) so eating a sensible snack for energy before a run can't be that bad.

    You may have to experiment to find what suits you - a friend of mine avoids muesli and porridge before running but finds a bagel and jam is fine. I shall never,ever eat jelly babies on a run again, for example ;-) , but other people swear by them.

    Personally, I find three hours too long - my blood sugar tends to drop and I get shaky if I don't have regular, small snacks.

  • Well you're going to need something that is digested easily and quickly. Do ask your nurse or maybe a dietician.

  • I run first thing - but I just get up and go (before my brain wakes up ;-) ) - so I dont eat but agree with swanscot that I do make sure have had glass of water and take plenty with me. I am only at wk 6 of plan but am still out for good 30 mins without feeling ill. However think you are doing right thing in asking Nurse's advise- good luck!

  • i couldn't go out without eating something but my husband just has orange juice and that fuels him. I have a muffin and a cup of tea about 30 minutes before starting. That's my breakfast but between that and lunch about 5 hours later I'll have fruit, often made into a smoothie with milk.

  • Just two oatcakes and water or a banana about half an hour to 45 mins beforehand. Chocolate milk on return :)

  • I would definitely check with your Doctor if you have any concerns. But for me, I have limited time in the morning and it's a case of get up, drink water and go. I try and give myself a 20 minute window so I don't guzzle the water, then I'm off. I have to be done and dusted and back home for 7am otherwise I'd be late for work. I've never liked food first thing, so it's not really bothering me.

  • If you can run your distance at the same speed on an empty stomach then I guess it's ok but if it stops you running as far/fast then I guess you should eat - its better for beating the gremlins and better to spend longer exercising rather than having to give up because you are running on vapours. How you fit it into your day is important but don't risk getting light headed and falling over by not eating breakkie (that's usually my trick :-/)

    this article is helpful


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