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OMG - Running in the Evenings


Because I couldn't go for my run in the morning (before breakfast etc) I had to go out at 19:00. OMG how does anyone run after a busy day (I had already clocked over four miles on my pedometer) and eaten breakfast and lunch?! So to do a 5k run on top of that was something else. Anyway did it then stuffed myself with pasta and a lemon pudding, had a shower and fell asleep. Still shattered this morning!!

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This came up on a post earlier to which I replied that I only ever run in the evenings. I have a sedentary job which keeps me locked to a computer all day (and night). By the time early evening comes, I am itching to move around and escape!! Sounds like your job is more physical and good for you to still be motivated on top of your busy day!! Happy running :) whatever time of day it is!

My job - is being a mum so your reply made me laugh! I'll take a look at the earlier post so thank you for the pointer.

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So funny!! A pedometer on being a mum! Relentless, 365 days a year and no time off. Keep on counting those miles, they all matter!

I have done a mixture of morning,evening midday runs. I work nights so evening runs tend to be night shift, bit of sleep early supper and run after 8. While its been hot its actually been lovely. Certainly wouldn't be able to do it if I had done a day shift (12.5 hours nursing!) Early morning suits me too but not after a shift. I wake early so head out while all in bed. What suits if different for everyone. My husband doesn't enjoy morning runs at all, likes to run straight after work. Dislikes a late evening run!


Well done.. I agree it's tough after a long day at work :)


Experience both and must said i find it easier in the morning. The first time i try the morning run, I crawled out of bed at 5.45 my legs felt like jelly .... I asked myself 'why I am doing this?' I pushed myself out or otherwise I would not know what a morning run fell like but I was definitely going back to evening afterward!

Well, I did stick to the morning one and never done an evening one

I love running after work (secondary school teacher so on my feet and often do a 9 hour day); always feel sulky and too tired when I head out but it is SUCH a great way of burning off any leftover emotional nonsense from the day, thinking things through, and clawing back some time for yourself. Gives me energy as well.

Saying that, I'm in awe of anyone who can run without breakfast. I am a shaking light-headed mess in half a k!


There was a post today asking how people manage to run in the morning....... I suppose we are all different. I am on your side and have discovered that evening runs after a day at work are far less satisfactory than an outing in the cool freshness and calm quiet of a summer morning. When I graduated, eight months ago, I would still feel the effect of having done a 5k before work, whereas now it is part of my day and sets me up, especially now in the summer months.

Each to their own.

I have to go on evening when the kids in bed. Basically it's that or not run so for me it has to fit in with ny life. I usually go 7.30 or 8pm. Ideally id like to go 6pm but with three kids under 6 it would not be possible. Lately I've been struggling with parkrun 9am start runs so maybe I'm used to it now. There was an interesting article in women's running about different time of day being better for different things. Mid morning or early evening seemed best for performance but each time had its advantages


I am an evening runner. I find it hard to motivate myself to get an early night, so the thought of getting up earlier than I absolutely have to to get to work on time seems impossible. My initial motivation to start C25k came because I found after a day at the office playing computer games (my job is running computer simulations of stuff, but it's not too different from the computer games I used to play as a teenager) in the early spring this year I started finding I would finish a frustrating day at work and just want to go out and do some sort of vigorous exercise. Not knowing how to deal with this unexpected feeling, I found my way to C25k and now have a useful outlet for that feeling. There is no better way, in my experience, to make the transition from a frustrating day at work to a relaxing evening than to get home from work and go straight out for a good run.

I think it's interesting that people use running as a way of de-stressing above that of getting fit (maybe?). I suppose because I run in the morning I don't get that hit as the stress of the day is yet to come! I run because I was told 'get fit'! I've surprised myself that I've stuck with it but it helps having friends to run with especially as I've now graduated and there's no program to follow.

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