Can I fool everyone, and myself?

Hello everyone

I am a total newbie to all this running malarky. Way back in the midsts of time I can just about remember that I HATED running in school; I'd always be hanging out at the back with my pal walking round the cross country track or grasping my sides in faked agony to get out of gym. I have now hit my forties and, surprise, surprise, find myself fat and unfit. A couple of weeks ago I started the My Fitness Pal app to help me with eating (I've lost 8lbs and my BMI has just edged into overweight from obese) and that's how I found Couch to 5k. I actually mis-spelled that there as Cough to 5k - that's what I'm sure my friends will be doing when I tell them what I'm up to.

I've had a go at a lot of new things recently with the thought of how hard can it be. Other people can run so why can't I? I completed my first podcast walk/run this morning and it was hard! But I did do it. I looked like a burst balloon at the end of it and pretty much felt like I had a big sign on my back saying PRETENDING TO BE A RUNNER, but surprisingly, when I think about it, I only had one sideways look from a motorist. I think I fooled passers by in thinking I was a runner. Just need to convince myself.

So. Let the journey begin. :)


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  • Hi and welcome to this forum. Yes , you can do it, you have already taken the hardest step. The programme is fantastic and it really does work. Remember to take your rest days and just stick with it. You are obviously doing well with losing the weight that you have so far and the running will soon become addictive. Check back on this forum for motivation and support, the people on here really are fantastic at keeping everyone going! x :-D

  • Congratulations on completing your first run,it does seem hard but Im pretty sure you can do it

  • Love your avatar!!!

  • Hi, welcome and well done on getting out there and taking those all important steps to change your life :D I felt pretty self concious at 1st but that soon passes as you progress and feel stronger physiclaly and mentally :D this is a great program ,stick with it and you will do just fine :D :D

  • Most of us hated running at school but look now! There are loads of us who are addicted and couldn't imagine life without running. Just read some of the posts!

    Well done on the weight loss. That in itself is a great achievement. You have done the first run so you are a runner. Don't worry about what other people might think. Wanna know a secret? They're jealous because you're out there doing it and they're not! Go LynieT!

  • Firstly welcome! You have made the best decision by starting c25K - if you follow Laura's instructions. Rest, take it nice and steady you will complete the programme. You have also on the right path with losing weight, you have done the hardest part get started. Keep posting here to keep us all updated and you will find lots of great information too. The nine weeks will fly by, there will be challenges along the way but have faith you can do it.

  • Hi LynieT. Word of caution: I've just done the first run this morning, but for the second time. The first time (just over a week ago) I was so overcome with joy (actually running, against all odds), I ran too fast on a down-hill bit and hurt my knee. All the good advice about running slowly had disappeared as my brain went into melt-down. So, if your brain starts giving you daft messages about speeding up, don't.

    "Cough to 5K" is better than the phrase my kids use. They say I am on the "F25K" programme :-)

  • Well done for getting out there! I had a friend who used to say to me that by the time I had hummed and haad about going out I could have been on the way back! The hardest week is week one in my mind..but you are off that couch and on the way!

  • Aww thank you everyone! Feel at home already. :)

  • All the best LynieT, we have all been there and its an exciting and daunting time all rolled into one, congratulations on getting started, this forum is fab too! :) good luck and keep posting !

  • Well done for making that first step - welcome.

    Now I absolutely detested running and would never ever have thought that it would be something for me. But now I honestly can't imagine life without it - it's free exercise right on your doorstep (well it is for those who run outdoors - some don't) and it's just a great thing to have in your life.

    So good luck with completing the programme and changing your life.

    :) xx

  • Welcome Lynie, you have made a brilliant decision, this programme is life changing and it really works !

    Keep posting of your progress on here , looking forward to reading how youre going on.

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Keep running and keep posting. It will change your life...

    Oh - and you ran - you're a runner...

  • Welcome and well done for giving yourself the gift of good health.

  • Hi LynieT - congratulations on starting this! I'm in exactly the same situation as you, I started at the weekend. I got up at 7am to go out for a run on Saturday, like a lunatic haha...didn't really want anyone to clock me 'trying' to run! I actually did enjoy the first session (apart from a particularly big hill in the middle of the park) and looking forward to the 2nd, hope it continues! Let the journey begin indeed! :) I'm hoping to be ready to run a 5k by January and if I can do that and am enjoying it, I might try for a 10k in May/June next year (easy tiger my brain is telling me lol). Good luck with it Lynie, I'm there with you this week! We'll get there!

  • Excellent! I'm hoping to do my second session of week 1 on Wednesday. Good luck Miss Slinky!

  • Good luck Lynie. It's a life changer :-)

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