Gone and been and done it!

Yay! Am feeling terribly chuffed with myself. Just completed the C25K and after lurking around on here during the 9 weeks and now want to celebrate it here. I wanted to see if I could not just run the 30 minutes Laura coaches us to, but to go for the 5k. And I did it!

Is 36.37 mins all right for a 48 year old, smoker and wine-lover who has never run before? Please say yes, as I am bouncing around being very proud. Still a long way to go, but have a huge smile on my face.

Thanks, Laura!

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  • Omg well done !!! Two targets smashed - distance and graduation. Blumming well done.

    I'd be over the moon with that time personally

  • Wow massive well done Portugirl!! A graduate and 5k aswell....can't imagine how amazing that must feel! Enjoy, dance, shout, be smug, drink wine.....!!!

  • your time is fantastic, for anyone. And you completed 5K not just 30 minutes. You are right to be proud it's a huge achievement. Well done

  • Wow! Well done. Keep it up now!

  • Well done! Keep running :)

  • Fab-u-lous ! You nailed it... Time AND distance. Very well done.

  • That smile is well deserved. Well done.

  • Congratulations - that's a great time. You should feel proud!

  • Great work - time to celebrate and set yourself a new goal

  • Well done... great final run... now the fun begins :-)

  • Well done, that is a great achievement ! Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

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