5k to 10K in 8 weeks? Has anyone done it?

This came to my mailbox today, not through running but from a charity I already support and which is close to my heart. Coincidence? I'm maybe just a little bit tempted.


The problem is of course, if I carry on at this rate I'll be finishing the Couch to 5k at the beginning of October. I've found a couple of 7/8 week 10k plans on the internet but has anyone done any of these so soon after graduating? Please tell me to shut up if you think I'm being totally unrealistic?


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  • I think when you graduate from 5K you have already gained massive benefits and as they say, sweated the hard stuff, so upping your distance to 10K should be doable. I re-did C25K this year and went

    straight onto a 10k training which I have found hard but I am coping. The plan I am using is from runningbug and I especially like the transition from C25K and the runningbug plan in that it starts off with intervals, albeit longer ones!

    You know your own strength, fitness and running best and you are obviously considering doing the race. Whatever your decision, enjoy your running.

  • Why not give it a go? Even if you don't run the whole 10K of the race it will give you something to aim for and head towards, whilst at the same time enjoying running!

  • Not done it, and don't think I'd want to. Having just graduated, I think small improvements in speed will satisfy me. But if you can do it, go for it and enjoy yourself!

  • I am thinking about doing a similar jump. I should graduate C25k next week and would like to enter a 10k run at the end of October. I've studied an 8 week 10k training plan and am following the first week now along with C25K (I've added in an extra day running with intervals).

    I've been running for 30 mins (and over 4km) since W7r2, so I know I will do 5K reasonably soon, but I've not got much speed yet, nor am I running for 30mins comfortably! I was confident on Saturday when I ran 4.7km in 30mins, but had a 'bad' run yesterday which knocked my confidence somewhat. I hope that was a blip and I cope better on the next run. Anyway, I'll leave it until close to the registration date for the 10K run to decide how I'm going and whether to enter. I'm not doing it as a sponsored event.

  • Hi Pelephant, I graduated 3 months ago and have been really bad about getting out and running since. Trying really hard to do at least one good run every week. I have no speed but have upped my time as much as I can, and have recently always done an hour. Today I had done 5 miles in just over an hour and thought what the hell, why don't I do 6.2 which will be my first 10k? So I did! It took me 1 hour and 23 minutes which isn't fast I know, but I was pleased. If I had concentrated and carried on with my three weekly runs I could have done this sooner, I think if you want to, you can achieve it. I started the Bridge to 10k which you will find in the questions section somewhere, about two weeks ago, and to be honest the better music alone helped me to run for longer. I think if you concentrate on length of time and distance run rather than speed, you can do it. Good luck. :)

  • I graduated at the end of May and said I was happy to carry on running 5K distances huh!!! By the end of June I was running a longer run about 6K once a week. Then I did 7.4 one lovely morning, why I asked myself later, the simple answer was because I could!! A few weeks later I did 8.6K by that time I decided OK the 10K was within my reach, so 3 weeks ago on a perfect day for running, cool, dry for once and I felt good, I had planned a 10.13Km route which was the same route as my 8.6K run but just extended to cover 10K. So off I went 1hr 7 minutes it took me, I didn't stop running once either, I'm a pretty stuborn old girl at times. So a short answer to your question of "Is it achieveable?" "Oh hell yeh, if I can do it at my age I would say most people can" Just relax, take your time, its not a race, enjoy it and go out with a positive frame of mind and you will succeed. :)

  • Read your profile Oldgirl and I'm inspired. You don't mention your age and one should never ask a lady but I guess you're not in the flush of youth. Sorry, off topic I know but I'm impressed.

  • Hi Chewy I'll be 62 on 20th this month - ugh, yet another year older but I gave up years ago trying to hide my age and just think to myself I have to be thankful I still have good health.

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