First 10k in 2 weeks time!! City of Manchester 10k

I'm doing the City of Manchester 10k on 12th July.

Training was going well, but I haven't run for a week (had to go away at last minute, long story). And the furthest I've run is 6.1km.

I'm going to go out on a run this morning & aim to do 5km.

will try & run 7.5km at some point in next 10days & hope that will see me through to the actual race.

If I have to walk some of the 10k it won't be the end of the world.

One of my friends who is an experienced runner suggested trying s gel pack as I estimate it taking me 80 mins to do 10k. Anyone tried a gel pack?

Anyone done City of Manchester 10k before? I know it starts at the Athletics track by the Etihad but know very little apart from that.

Not had any contact from organisers yet!


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  • Very best of luck Poodle m'dear. :) I've never tried a gel pack but, from what I've read, you should try one before race day -Twould be terrible if it upset your stomach, or worse still your bowel, and you only discovered it during the actual race! 😱

    As for walking part of the way, well loads of people use the run/walk technique, so you'll be in great company. Have the best fun :)

  • Hi. Thanks AMum. Yes was thinking of giving one a try beforehand. :)

    deffo think run/walk is the way to go.

  • I tried a gel and didn't notice much difference. You (and I) shouldn't need one for 10k, but it won't do any harm so long as you try one or two beforehand.

  • Yes, I was surprised when my friend suggested a gel pack. I think it was because it would take me over an hour to do the 10k. Probably an hour 20/30 mins.

    I don't really like the idea of eating gel lol.

    Might give it a miss!!!

    Thank you :)

  • Morning Charlotte :-)

    The longest I had ran before my GMR was around 6.5k, I had been training but then had to stop and start due to my wonky hip. I really wouldnt worry to be honest, you will get round I am sure .

    Hmm dont know about gels, I think they are more suited to maybe HMs or Marathons, but what I would recommend is some water to tide you over to the first water station. I didnt take any for mine as I thought I would be okay as the first water station was at 5K. Big mistake ! It was a very muggy day and my mouth was so dry , I felt as if I was choking . Lesson learnt !

    Also, I would take some jelly babies or Fruit pastilles in a little bag . I shoved the bag in my bra ha ha :-) They did come in very handy though and they were even giving them out in a little bag on the course at around 8k, so I stocked up .

    Have you checked the course on the organisers website ?

    Good Luck , you will be fine and I am sure you will really enjoy it . Dont worry about your time , I think it took me about an hour and twenty minutes or so, taking part and completing it is the main thing xxxx

  • Hi Chrissy,

    Thanks for your advice. I'm going to Sports Direct later to get a water bottle. The tip about jelly babies/fruit pastilles is great - thanks so much!! I shall defo take some :)

    I jogged 8k this morning. Went mega slow. Took me 1h 16mins. I didn't want to push it cos of the heat & not having any water with me. Feeling more confident about the 10k now as I've managed 8k & I actually felt like I had more in me!

    Not going to aim to do it in a particular time. Just want to get around in one piece lol!!

    Took a look at the course & it looks ok. Hopefully just undulating & road & athletics track.

    Phoned up the organisers & they're sending out race packs today!!!!!


  • Oh thats good news , Charlotte ! Its all getting very exciting now isnt it ?

    Its perfectly normal to feel nervous, but once you get this one under your belt , you will be raring to go for the next one :-)

    Says me the seasoned pro , after doing one ha ha :-)

    You will be fine , what time are you starting ? Mine in Leeds is off at half nine I think.

    Im going to the Etihad tonight to do the Manchester Mile, should be a laugh, plus I get a T Shirt so I am happy with that :-) xxxx

  • Hope the Manchester Mile went well?

    Went to Sports Direct & bought a bum bag that has a water bottle compartment/carrier, so when I go on my next run I'll try it out!

    My race starts at 9.30 also. The website says get there before 9.00am so I'll get there for 8.30/8.45.

    I hope there's plenty of loos. Eek!!

    Really looking forward to it & I'll be able to put my jelly babies in my new bum bag!!!

    I think we get a medal for completing the race! Yay for bling!!!

  • It was fab Charlotte, thanks ! Ive just put a post up :-)

    I got my little bum bag from SD , I love it .

    Glad you are all kitted out, you will love it, Im sure . Cant wait to read your post. If I hadnt put myself down for the Leeds one I wouldve liked to do the Manchester one. Theres always next year though :-)

    Oh its getting exciting now isnt it :-) xxx

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